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November 1, 2010

A Christian-based newsletter about Fibromyalgia (FMS), Chronic Fatigue & Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) - sharing thoughts, research and experiences.


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 "Thank you for the work you put into each newsletter."

 "I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate your newsletter.  I know it takes a lot of energy to do what you do and I think about that fact every time I hear from you.  Thank you so much for all of the care and love and valuable information you have given to us who suffer from these horrible diseases."

"Thank you for posting your 100 tips for coping with fibromyalgia  It lends some hope to be able to choose different tips to help with some of my symptoms."

"I love your newsletter."

"Thank you for the time and effort you've taken to help improve the lives of others living with fibromyalgia."

 FROM DOM:  I appreciate the encouraging and kind words that readers send me.   It has been my privilege (and probably calling from God) to write these newsletters since 1996 for fellow FMS/CFIDS sufferers.  There is so much emerging research now, and I am excited to follow these developments!  When I was first diagnosed in 1982 at the age of 30 (my FMS onset was literally overnight in June!)  Very little if anything was known about FMS/CFIDS back then.  I was considered to be a hypochondriac and lost many important relationships in my life, not to mention my career, etc.   Today we have an immense blessing with the internet to share our information and experiences.  I have been a guinea pig for the past 28 years looking for things to help the insomnia, pain, depression and fatigue.  I am happy to report that I am doing well now for a 58-year-old fibromite.  A list of things that help me is at  It took a lot of trial and error to find these things.  Each of us is different, however.  I think you will find many good ideas on my list to help make your life more comfortable and manage symptoms....until there is a CURE!



Reader 1--

"Regarding the question about a sleep study, I had one done and it was very eye-opening:  I had the classic fibromyalgia pattern:  alpha-delta intrusion, which means Stage 1 intruding into Stage 4 (and other stages), except I got zero minutes of Stage 4 all night long, not one single minute.  Not good, as Stage 4 is when the body produces growth hormone and repairs itself.  Also, my REM sleep was about 1/3rd the normal amount, the dream stage.  Also classic fibro pattern was that I "woke up" 8 times an hour!  That means that I bounced back and forth between Stage 1 and Stage 2 (which is pretty light sleep as well) pretty much the whole time.  I did get some Stage 3, but minimal as well.  I believe fibro runs in my family, as my father had a severe sleep disorder as well and died pretty young, with all the classic end-stage fibro-related illness: cardiovascular disease, brain aneurysm and heart failure, which can be related to sleep deprivation.  I felt the test was very valuable in helping me understand my specific sleep issues.  I used to take a myriad of sleep aids along the way, but because I could not tolerate the side effects at all (severe mood swings in most cases), I am now using herbs -- lemon balm, scullcap, chamomile -- with some relief, a little, and taking a tablespoon of honey before bed REALLY WORKS.  It builds serotonin in the brain.  I've heard it also helps the body produce growth hormone.  Not sure if that's true, but that's what I've heard."

Reader 2--

"I recently did a sleep study and wanted to share some of the results. I have severe IC but the sleep lab manager and sleep tech worked hard at accomodating me, which was a blessing. I went to the restroom 30 times the night of the sleep study but eventually managed to fall asleep. My results have not yet been interpreted for me so I am only giving you what has been typed out for me. "Severe sleep fragmentation due to increased spontaneous arousals and frequent awakenings. Severely reduced sleep efficiency with markedly increased awakenings. Decreased total rem sleep.... Alpha intrusion in sleep which may be associated with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and/or depression." I did not have leg movements or sleep apnea. Another important point, my mean heart rate while asleep was 115!!! My heart bpm upon awakening was 126.5, I do have anxiety and not sure what else could cause such a high heart rate, if somebody has a suggestion please let me know (although I suspect it could be purely anxiety; anxiety I started experiencing after I got sick with CFS). The recommendations included: not driving if sleepy (the problem is I'm aways sleepy), sleep hygiene (been doing this for years), CBT.....all things I've done or am doing. I am disappointed that there isn't more help out there. One of my doctors recently gave me a medication called Savella and is confident it will help my fibro, depression, and sleep, he is not trained in any way to treat the illnesses of CFS and fibro but he is the only one trying to help. The thing I see in common w/ all of our sleep studies is the awakenings/arousals and alpha delta intrusions. The doctors can't do much for alpha intrusions b/c the only medication known to help w/ this is Xyrem, which of course is only FDA approved for narcolepsy with cataplexy. "

FROM DOM:  Wow.  And I thought getting up 10 times a night was bad (at my worst with bladder problems).  I have a page of suggestions for IC (interstitial cystitis) and frequent urination at that I received from readers.  About Savella, search my newsletters at for readers’ experiences with this.  Interesting about BPM being so high.  It could be from the general stress that the body is under from lack of sleep!  That is verrry physically stressful.  About anxiety, I use lorazepam (ativan) – see my list of stuff I use at  I am finally getting restorative sleep after decades of suffering.  My doc has finally come up with a concoction that works for me.  I really hope this reader's doctor can help her find things to help her get some good sleep.  This takes patience and experimentation, because different things work for different people.  Basically, our brain is broken - at least the sleep center is.  Who knows why?  Could be a genetic defect we suffer from, or the result of years of stress, hormones, or even a virus attacking that part of the brain.  My sleep disorder began when I was 16



From a reader--

"For the 'mistaken identity person' (Topic 2)---- If you have decent insurance, you can fight this. If you are clearly underweight, then you have an easy out. Lose weight is not a good recommendation for an underweight person. They may make it hard for you because they don't like to do that, but you have good evidence. Your doctor is wrong. This is a medical mistake.  You may have to get a lawyer, they may  have lost your results (given the same results to two people) BUT it can be done. Even if you can't afford a lawyer (or not worth it), I would still try  writing to my insurance company. They may give in."



FROM DOM:  I get a lot of email from readers asking questions that were answered in previous newsletters.  Of course, as lengthy as my newsletters are, I can see how readers may have overlooked various topics!   I have a search box on most of the pages on my site that you can use to look up things you are interested in - or go to my homepage at (easy-to-remember web address).   My newsletter archives is at, but you can access it from any page on my site.



From a reader--

"I had about $500 of blood work done.  I hesitated due to not having insurance and really no means too.  Being also in the hole on two house payments and truck payments, I just decided I was going to put it on one credit card I had.  I waited though.  I just don’t want to add to our debt. It's one more bill... I came across a doctor on the internet who sent me a work up on blood work who said he could possibly help me.  He's on  I should have asked you before I did it.  It's done and he will look over and let me know something.  He wanted me to fly out but I told him my situation and he understood.  They're wanting to start me on Savella (the local doctor).  I'm holding off till I hear from him."

FROM DOM:  Use the google search box below to look up Savella.  It's been mentioned in several past newsletters.



From a reader--

"In response to Topic #9 in the newsletter at -- First of all, I believe CFS/ME is not an autoimmune disease (such as Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis ,etc) but it is a neuro immune disease although most of the medical community has not caught up with the overwhelming evidence and research that proves this. Many doctors and other health care workers (I’m a nurse and have been in the medical field myself for several years & have been sick for several years with this illness also) know very little about this disease and still categorize it as some sort of mental health disorder or autoimmune  disorder when it is neither.  I kind of think of our illness more like MS/HIV where there is brain /immune system defect (not exactly like these illnesses but similar).  I do not know for sure if the XMRV or MLVs  came first and then disease begins or if the disease begins and then infections (XMRV, MLV, HHV6, Epstein Barr, CMV, etc., etc.) are secondary.

Yes, There has been much controversy over XMRV with about half of the researchers finding it in a high majority of their CFS patients and very little in the controls and the other half of researchers are not finding it in anyone or very few people. I believe that there is probably some sort of difference in the testing procedures that the different labs are using. I don’t buy into Mice contamination theory because if that were the case then the Controls  would have been contaminated in high percentages with  XMRV also.

I just had the XMRV/ MLV test done a couple of weeks ago and I am waiting for the results.  If  we truly do have XMRV and or MLV’s, I believe this could be very serious because not only could we be potentially giving this to our children and/or spouses but our blood supply could be contaminated also. So yes, whether there is treatment now or not I think it is important to know if we are infected and could make others sick too. I know paying 400-500 dollars for a test is not possible for some but hopefully there will eventually be a test approved by some insurance companies that will make this available for all CFS/ME patients. One of the main reasons I got this test done is because I have daughters and a mother that could have this also and when there is treatment I am planning on being a guinea pig."

FROM DOM:  For those readers with CFS who don't know what XMRV is, see



From a reader--

"I'm a fellow fibromite and newsletter recipient.  I saw another reader's dilemma with narcolepsy-like symptoms in the October 18th newsletter and wanted to comment.

First, a bit about me: I got sick in early 2006, after returning from a trip to India.  Since then, I've had every symptom in the book--constant severe pain, joint stiffness, colitis, debilitating fatigue, brain fog, temperature regulation problems, Raynaud's, migraines, cycles of insomnia and hypersomnia.  I somehow managed to graduate from law school in 2009 and have been working for the past year as an associate in a Manhattan law firm.  I recently informed my firm about my health issues, and fortunately those who know about my condition have been supportive and accommodating.  

Beginning early this year, I started having "sleep attacks," especially at work.  Several times I found I had fallen asleep in my office, and I'd doze off for 10 minutes at a time, during which I'd also dream.  I was scared because I had less control over my body than ever, and because I had no idea what would happen if anyone ever walked in on me during a sleep attack.  After suffering through this for a few months, I saw a new doctor, an internist who runs an integrative medicine clinic.  We talked about my most pressing health issues, and of course I mentioned fatigue and sleep attacks.  He doesn't think I have narcolepsy (I agree), and he recommended a sleep study to test my brain function at night.  Instead of waiting for him to address my need to stay awake in order to be even minimally functional, I told him that I was at the end of my rope, and that I needed medication to help me stay awake and stay focused.  When he realized how much the fatigue and sleep attacks impacted my life, he immediately began a conversation about different medication options for me.  I had researched ahead of time and came prepared with questions about different medications.  I ultimately chose to try dextroamphetamine (10 mg/day), which is indicated for narcolepsy and is a purer form of the active molecule in the ADHD drug Adderall.  I've been on this for the past month, and although it's not a magic bullet, it has made a difference in daily life.

I have not had sleep attacks since I started taking dextroamphetamine.  It helps me get up and get going in the morning, and stay awake throughout the day.  It doesn't erase the fatigue, but pushes the fatigue into the background so I don't notice it quite as much (although it's definitely still there).  I'm still tired enough to go to sleep at any moment of the day, but only if I choose to, and not because of a sleep attack.  I'd recommend that the reader who is dealing with narcoleptic symptoms research different medications and talk to her doctor right away.  I suffered needlessly because I waited to see someone about my problem.  A good doctor will know of and explain different options, and fortunately there is a wide range of medicines available, even generics.  (Dextroamphetamine is a generic and costs me $5 a month.)

Other readers should not be afraid to advocate for themselves at the doctor's office.  I know just how difficult it is to find a doctor who is educated about FMS and who is also caring and responsive.  But regardless of your doctor's personality, only you as a patient know how much each issue affects you, and what your tolerance is for each.  If you aren't assertive about your care, your doctor will never truly know what you need, and therefore how he or she can help you.  Although my education included advanced degrees in human biology and pharmaceutical law, I still do a whole lot of research.  Research goes along with being assertive about your care--you are responsible for your health and for getting the best care you possibly can.  Part of that responsibility is educating yourself about your condition, new treatments and the latest research, so that you can speak knowledgeably with your doctor and become an active participant in your care.  When your doctor knows that you are invested in your care, he or she can do even more for you because they can explain information that you may have come across and how it relates to your particular situation.  No matter what, education, assertiveness and taking responsibility for your health can only benefit you, and the sooner the better.  (Okay, I'll get down off my soapbox now. :) )

I hope you can let your other reader know there are many options available for her situation and that all she (I'm assuming she's a "she") needs to do is research and talk to her doctor, and soon she will be able to increase her functionality and quality of life."
FROM DOM:  I do believe our illness is caused by a virus that attacks the brain and nervous system.  About doctors and fibro, see - comments from shell-shocked patients.
FROM DOM:  I have lost the email, but a reader recently reported that her sleep attacks were the result of LOW THYROID, for which she is effectively treated now.
From a reader--
"A person wrote to you  about having to deal with headaches and that she does not tolerate Percocet as it causes incleased heart rate (tachycardia) as does coffee.  For many years I have had to deal with headaches (on the right side!) after a head-injury (on the left side!)  and the only thing that helps me to get rid of headaches, is a cup of coffee.  I have had that problem for almost 30 years now, and have had heart problems (electricity of the heart) for about 13 years.  However, twice a day I take liquid magnesium that goes better and quicker into a person's system than capsules or tablets.  In the morning, I take my liquid magnesium in a half glass of water, and then I am set to take my coffee and enjoy it.  There is no racing of the heart at all, because the magnesium keeps my heart at a steady pace.  I even have taken it at times when I physically overexerted myself and my heart would develop a fast heart rate. I just took extra magnesium on the spot, 15 minutes again, till it went back to normal. Coughing deep and holding that cough for as long as you can, meaning you cough and press down while you cough, you feel it in your body, that also will get your heart rate back to normal, in case it gets out of hand. Now that does not mean, that is helps all the time, I still had to go to the E.R. at times and even where my heart had to be shocked back electrically. But a person can do a lot by taking the liquid magnesium and as I said, by coughing deep  (you exhale deeply during that "deep" cough and hold it for as long as you can), to stop the tachycardia / and or atrial fibrillation."
10.  EATING THIS TWICE A WEEK CAN MAKE YOU GAIN 10 LBS. - Fast foods that do not decompose.  EEEE-yewwww!
From a reader--
"I constantly refer women to your [marriage advice] website I am a moderator for women's discussion forums and that is how I found you. I am 36, and most women my age (even Christian women) have very different views on how to treat your husband on a normal day, much less when there is a problem....If we are consistent in turning our hearts back to God and let Him handle it, our marriages are much better for it. Thank you so much for having this information available; it is very much needed."

"O2xygen Force (stabilized liquid oxygen or SLO) is a safe supplement containing stabilized oxygen molecules in a liquid solution of salt and distilled water. It is very alkaline. O2xygen Force has the highest pH of any stabilized liquid oxygen product available today. The higher the pH the higher the oxygen content.  Disease is anaerobic. It cannot exist in an elevated oxygen environment.  Cancer, influenza, HIV, herpes, measles, the common cold - anaerobic.  Legionnaire’s disease, E-Coli, salmonella, staphylococcus - anaerobic.  Arthritis, emphysema, asthma, chronic bronchitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein-Barr, Candida and even heart disease - anaerobic one and all.  They exist and proliferate with little or no oxygen present. And most people are oxygen deficient. If you significantly increase your body’s pH (oxygen) level these anaerobic diseases cannot replicate or exist."
FROM DOM:  I have not been sick since I began putting these drops in my drinking water in August 2009.  It is now the end of October 2010.  I have been sickly and virus-prone all of my life.  This is one of the best things I have ever found for improving my health.  Read my CFS story at  My stamina is greatly improved.  A reader suggested these drops to me last year for help with cold sores.  I was shocked when my fatigue and brain fog lessened considerably to where I am much more functional now.  I teach piano at a school of music and I play the piano/organ for my church.  It is interesting that Dr. Majid Ali has stated that one of the "3 furies of fibromyalgia" is acidosis.  Acid causes disease and pain.  These drops make your pH more healthily alkaline.  They have no taste - I put them in drinking water (filtered from my fridge).
From our plumber, who has a ministry of emailing a scripture daily to those who ask to be on his list!
The Encouraging Word for Thursday, 28 October 2010:

“The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense.”

(Proverbs 27:9 NLT)
From a reader--
"By William C. Douglass, MD

Here's what October smells like: burning leaves, pumpkin pie and BS.

That's because it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is
practically a national holiday at this point -- and if you don't
join the "in" crowd and slap a pink ribbon on whatever you're wearing,
 you're treated like some kind of cold-blooded breast-hating monster.

But those pink ribbons don't exist to cure disease or save lives --
they represent a Big Pharma-funded effort to drive millions of women
through a funnel of screenings for a disease many don't even have,
and treatments that most of them don't even need.

In fact, the supposed benefits of all those screenings and
treatments are about as real as the Great Pumpkin -- and the numbers
prove it every time.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is now 26 years old. In the 26 years
since it was launched by AstraZeneca to help sell the company's
cancer drugs, it's been a wild success -- for AstraZeneca and anyone
else who makes money off cancer screenings and treatments.

But when it comes to saving lives and curing disease, it's been a
miserable failure. Up to 15 lives are ruined with unnecessary and
deforming breast-chopping surgeries and poisonous radiation
treatments for every life "saved."

And even then, there's no guarantee that the one life "saved" was
actually the result of early detection and brutal mainstream
treatments -- because plenty of them were actually CAUSED by the
radioactive and tumor-bursting screenings in the first place.

There's something you won't hear anywhere else this month!

The LA Times -- and kudos to them for this -- recently asked
AstraZeneca if maybe Breast Cancer Awareness Month wasn't all it
cracked up to be.

"If it's not broken, I don't think we should try and fix it," was
all a spokesman could say.

Why mess with success, right?

But the Times didn't stray too far from the mainstream message --
because the very same day, the paper ran a massive 1,400-word
article urging women with no sign of the disease to take
AstraZeneca's cancer meds strictly as a preventive measure.

I'm taking those kudos back.

Mainstream pushes radiation tests

Whatever you do, don't get your health advice from the Los Angeles Times.

Hot on the heels of a report urging healthy women to take breast
cancer meds even if they have no signs of the disease, the newspaper
issued another stunner -- urging people to go out and get their X-rays.

The logic? Nearly everything has a radiation level anyway... so
what's a little more?

The first example in the article is a banana -- which, because of
its potassium content is slightly radioactive.

Not mentioned: You'd have to eat 600 bananas in one sitting to get a
blast of radiation equal to a single chest X-ray... and 240,000
bananas to match an abdominal CT scan.

King Kong doesn't eat that many bananas!

What's more, the article tries to cloud the issue by mentioning
everything from gamma rays to Hiroshima while making the ludicrous
claim that, "it's impossible to know the real toll from CT scans and X-rays."

But it's not impossible.

In fact, there's some pretty clear research on this -- just don't
expect to read about it in the Los Angeles Times. Where you can
expect to read it is in The Douglass Report. I wrote an in-depth
article on the dangers of CT scans earlier this year.

Studies have found that one percent of all new cancers are caused by
CT scans alone. In fact, mainstream researchers have estimated that
CT scans performed just in 2007 -- just that one single year -- will
eventually lead to 29,000 cancers.

What does the Times have to say about this? Only that CT scans can
cause cancer "in rare cases."

Does 29,000 in one year sound rare to you?

No matter how you look at it, radiation-based tests come with major
risks -- and studies have found that half of them are completely
unnecessary, and many more are wildly redundant.

I won't say never, ever get an X-ray or CT scan -- but before you
put yourself into a lead-lined tube, make sure it's really necessary first.

You might be surprised at how often it's not.

Using my X-ray vision,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

P.S. If you want to save your life, skip the test. It's as simple as
that. To learn more about the dangers of CT scans, read the February 
issue of The Douglass Report.
There is a wealth of healing information at - this website has continued to grow by leaps and bounds.  We now have 4005 essential oil testimonials in our database with more being added each day. 
FROM DOM:  Check out this site to find out which essential oils are being used successfully for your particular challenge - physical or emotional!  Essential oils have electrical frequencies that affect the limbic portion of the brain using the olfactory system.  Many are anti-viral, anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, etc. - basically all the stuff we struggle with.  My favorite essential oils are listed at - and what I use them for.
From - What a virtuous example to the nation; Thank you Fayleen! - When 11-year-old Fayleen Frampton from Ashland, Nebraska, decided to take a stand, she not only made her mother proud but as well. Fayleen refused to participate in a cheer that required her to say, "Jump, shake your booty…jump, jump, shake your booty!" all while shaking her behind. She said, "It has nothing to do with cheerleading or football."  The cheer coach, Toni Harris, thought it would be best to ask Fayleen not to participate in the last few games. Fayleen was kicked off the squad for taking a stand for what she believed in. This brave young lady is paying the price for doing the right thing.
FROM DOM: Yep.  Cheerleading is not what it was in our high school days in the 1950's and 60's.  It had become seductive, e.g. our local Jacksonville Jaguar cheerleaders, who even have a swimsuit calendar.  I wonder about these kind of cheerleaders who say they are “Christian.”  Are they listening to the Holy Spirit?   Do they know that their bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit?  Maybe they don’t have good Bible teaching, assuming they even go to church anymore.  Sports has become a god in this country.  I’m so glad this young girl stood up for what was right.  She is braver and truer to her convictions than adults.
Reader 1--
"They should have vaccine as a choice, tetanus vaccine almost killed me some people don't realize that even a vaccine given earlier can cause all this and more."
Reader 2--
"I don't know what category to place mine in.  I went to Bali on vacation in 1997 and ate one bite of a vegetable sandwich after a camel ride on the beach.  Just enough to stave off hunger before husband was scheduled for a bungee jump.  I don't know if it was the water I washed my hands in beforehand, the sandwich itself, or the people preparing it might have had fecal matter on their hands, but we both had dysentary by that night (he had the egg sandwich which I told him was nuts...).  It took 5 days to run through our system.  Within 2 weeks after that my fibro symptoms started.  So I'm not sure if you consider that viral or physical. I would say it was "contamination", but I'm not sure if toxins is the word...probably more like parasites from the water (what would fecal matter be if it was on the sandwich?). Man did my body hurt."
FROM DOM:  See my page about the CAUSES OF FMS at and CAUSES OF CFIDS at
From a reader--
"In reply to request from a writer in the Oct. 8 newsletter who wants Valcyte - please tell her I am on Valgancyclovir after having been on Valtrex for several years  and am doing fine with it.  There was an initial flare when I switched to the generic but it quickly calmed down.  she should have no worries about the generic as long as she is using a reputable pharmacy.   Most of the people who are on antivirals that I know of are doing well and some are continuing to work.  The success depends on whether there are mitigating health issues suck as bacterial infections which don't respond to the viruses.  Dr. Daniel Dantini in Palm Coast/Ormond Beach, FL is very familiar with this treatment and tests for the viruses."

From a reader--

"Regarding the query about an unusual reaction to magnesium supplementation suggests a number of causes - one, that she may be getting enough magnesium through her diet already, two ,that she should try a smaller dose, three, that her amygdala is overreacting to a 'new and perceived threat to the body'.  Magnesium is widely recommended for muscle relaxation.  Many people with fibro cannot tolerate  extra magnesium as it gives them diarrhea, others need more than  the RDA just to have a bowel movement.  Most of us are oversensitive due to the nature of the illness and we all react differently to supplements.  She could try Epsom Salt baths  (which contain magnesium and is absorbed through the skin to see if that helps her muscles relax." 

From a reader--
October 14, 2010 - Dear Members and Fellow Patients - Due to failing health I've been forced to cut back on certain aspects of my website. I no longer will be providing Alerts or the monthly Newsletter. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause my readers. Feel free to contact when there is anything I can do for you. - You're Not Alone, Misty Roberts, Patient/Owner, FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES 
FROM DOM:  Misty runs an incredible site for FMS/CFIDS/ME patients at
From a reader--
"People with fibro should always wash clothes before wearing to remove as much of the chemicals and dyes as possible. Breathing in and wearing chemicals is not good for us.  Also - I would wonder about the bedbugs coming from clothes. Why did they start up there and gradually moving South. So far not where I live but have reached my aunt 7 hours north of me and moving down. No reports in clothing shops or homes or theatres here. If it was in the clothes, as was stated, then why not is it not here.... I know it will be soon and I am terrified. has a wand that they say kills bed bugs. I am going to try it. Anything but the chemicals."



"Turmeric is 5 to 8 times stronger than vitamin E and stronger than vitamin C, this 'antioxidant breakthrough' may help boost your immunity, maintain normal cholesterol levels, and put the brakes on aging."


25.  THINK YOU'RE HAVING A BAD DAY? - This is hilarious - if you aren't the lady in the video!  It would be hard to top this for a "bad day!"


26.  MAN BACK FROM CERTAIN DEATH - A loving family insists that doctors try intravenous Vitamin C before pulling the plug on their dad, a dairy farmer in New Zealand.  He was in an induced coma on life support due to severe complications from swine flu, leukemia and pneumonia.  The man's family fought doctors and hospitals, who wanted to remove him from life support and let him die. The dairy farmer lived, thanks to his family, and is thriving once again!
From a reader-- - Laser treatment of eye floaters.
FROM DOM:  Donnie and I finally saw "Fireproof" on TV tonight (pre-recorded).  It was AWESOME!!!!  If you are going through marriage stress, fighting, contemplating divorce, etc., you have GOT to see this movie!  So hold everything!!!!  Don't throw in the towel yet!!!  Try the "love-dare!"  Yes, it takes two to make a marriage work, but sometimes just one person with their heart right with God and humbled toward their partner, can create a miracle and send Satan and his minions scurrying.  We enjoyed Bill Stafford as Mr. Rudolph, Caleb's neighbor - delightful comic relief in a serious movie.  We met Bill Stafford (in his 70's) when he came to our church to hold revival meetings.
From a friend, Todd--
"One of the lessons I have learned over the years, both in business and relationships in general, is that I am only ever disappointed if I have an expectation. The key words in the previous sentence are "I" and "expectation." You see, we all tend to judge other people on their actions or behavior, not their intent. At the same time we judge our selves often on our intent instead of our actions.
We all have our own way of doing things and our own lens in which we see the world. When we cast an expectation on someone else it is based on ourselves and how we see things and do things. We are automatically placing the other person in a position that is very difficult to live up to, because in most cases for the other person to meet OUR expectation, they would have to be US! 
We are not allowing them to be themselves...and we are certainly not appreciating who they are, or respecting our possible differences. Just because we do things a certain way, does not mean it is the only way or the best is just our way...and it is just our way right now! We might do things entirely differently ourselves in 5 years based on our own personal growth and evolution.
The concept I embrace now and have for several years now is this: BELIEVE IN EVERYONE, BUT HAVE EXPECTATIONS ONLY FOR YOURSELF.
If you look at people in an appreciative way, you can easily find many great attributes in everyone. As you may have heard me say in the past "God does not make normal." So the moral of this little email is: appreciate people for who they are, enjoy their uniqueness, and place no expectations on them and you will have much more joy with them and fewer disappointments."
Please continue to pray for Megan!  See  The original request was submitted by Susan, a newsletter reader who is friends with Megan's mom, who has fibro.  Here is what Megan's husband Ryan wrote back in July (so much has happened since then - Megan has been in an and out of an induced coma, has had a tracheotomy and also suffered a stroke).  Her husband is the epitomy of the message of the movie "Fireproof" (Topic 28 above). He is a dental school student--
"Sunday night Megan woke me up at 2 am saying that she thought her water had broken. So we checked and sure enough, time for delivery was near. We went to the hospital and got settled in for a big day. When it was about time for the epidural the doctors did a CBC (complete blood count) and found some abnormalities in the white blood count. Instead of a normal 5 - 10k it was around 40k. We found this odd because she just 2 weeks ago she had a full workup of blood and everything was perfectly normal, she was perfectly healthy as she always has been.

After the test was performed in triplicate and sent all around NY to be verified by pathologists, hematologists and a ton of other specialties I have never heard of I started to quickly catch on the apparent seriousness of the issue. The doctors were not positive but had serious suspicions about what was happening. During this Megan was fighting through a good long labor with her epidural not working (poor girl). They were able to get it working before she started the pushing and it is a good thing because she pushed for over 3 hours. After all of that at around 10 pm a perfect little girl was born and to my amazement she came out with no distortions, blotches or imperfection of any kind.... amazing.... She weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and was 21.5 inches long. We gave her the name Rylee Hannah Smith : )

Due to the seriousness of the situation the doctors would not let Megan rest, even after my appeals to let just sleep through one night, after only being able to hold the baby Megan was rushed off to the Roswell Cancer Institute in an ambulance. That night they performed countless tests including things like bone marrow biopsies...

After all of this they found that Megan has AML which is Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Even after probably the most difficult 2 days i could ever imagine anyone going through, Megan has the best attitude ever and i think i am safe to say she is already the most popular person in the entire Leukemia wing of the hospital.  She is cute to begin with but the more drugs they give her she cuter she gets!
Megan is awesome and she has a long road ahead and that is why I made this page so that she can see the tremendous support out there for her. I will do my best to do as many updates about her as I can but she will be i treatment for the next year and this first stretch of chemotherapy and treatment will leave her in the hospital for the next month and half."
PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS YOUNG COUPLE!  It is now November, and Megan is still in the hospital and her situation remains very serious.
From a reader-- - Key Mechanism Behind Sleep Discovered: Finding Holds Promise for Treatment of Fatigue and Sleep Disorders
FROM DOM:  My insomnia started at age 16  I am now 58.  A list of things I tried for sleep is at  A list of what I use now (and I do get restorative sleep most nights - what a blessing!!!!) is at
I'm feeling fairly well these days (!) with the help of many things I use listed at  Just glad to be functional and not brain-fogged, in pain or sick.  For those who are new to the newsletter, my fibro story is a classic one - was diagnosed in 1982 at age 30.  My CFIDS story is classic as well (diagnosed in 1987).  I have spent the past 28 years as a guinea pig trying this thing and that to try to get my life back.  FMS/CFIDS has been ruinous financially, socially and a lot of other ways.  I'm just glad to be doing we well as I am now at age 58!
Our School of Music recital went very well on Oct. 15.  Whew!!!!  It took me about 10 days to recover!   (Next one is May 6.)   Right now we are in the midst of revival at church with Bro. Braxton Hunter.  It's been GREAT!  We have 3 more nights (Nov. 1-3). The choir and orchestra have been awesome and many souls saved!  We get insurance for everything else - our cars, houses, dental, medical, etc.  How about eternal life insurance??? There is a real heaven and a real hell.  Everyone who is alive now is actually dying, and it won't be long until we are all in either one place or the other. We can't get to heaven by "being good, helping others, etc." See my testimony, Religious But Lost, at  Bro. Braxton is a very CLEAR preacher of the Word of God - he's an evangelist and professor of apologetics.  His website is
I apologize for not being able to answer the many emails I receive.  If you DO receive a personal reply from me, it is the exception and not the norm.  My website has grown tremendously since 1996.  Most of the answers people are looking for are already on my site.  Please use the Google search box at the end of this newsletter (and on most pages of my website) to find info.  If your question is not answered there, try writing me and if possible, I will answer.  There is just not enough time in the day for my work and church responsibilities (and did I mention things like laundry and cooking?...ha!) 
I'm trying to focus on writing the weekly newsletter to keep as many people up to date as possible regarding FMS/CFIDS/ME issues that affect us all.  Many questions are being answered in the newsletters themselves
'Til next time,
Dominie Bush

II Corinthians 1: 4 - "[God] Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God."  Visit Dominie's FMS/CFIDS Homepage at for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers and their families.

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