Feb. 28, 2007

Dear Fibro Friends,

Below are two amazing coincidences that happened lately.  Both relate to fibromyalgia--


I met a newsletter reader (whom I will call "Kathy") from Kentucky at a yard sale this month - right here in Florida - right across the street from where I live!  To see how amazing this is....first, my husband is not into yard sales, but he noticed one near our house and called it to my attention.  We were on our way to do some errands.  He did not want to stop.  I asked him to drop me off while he went to the bank nearby to make a deposit.  I began chatting with the homeowner.  She said her stepson wanted to take guitar lessons.  I fished in my purse for a business card for music lessons, and also had some fibro cards with me.  For some reason I said, "And by the way, if you know anyone with fibromyalgia..."  The lady immediately shouted to the other woman who was helping her with the sale:  "Hey!  Fibromyalgia!"  The other lady came over, took one look at me kind of funny and said, "What's your first name?"   I said, "Dominie."  She said, "I'm Kathy!  We used to email each other about fibromyalgia.  Remember me? This is a divine appointment!!" (We emailed for awhile 7 years ago and lost touch when her computer began crashing.)   We were both totally amazed!  Kathy had driven to Florida from Kentucky just the night before!   She was even more surprised to see me in Green Cove Springs because she thought I still lived in St. Augustine (we moved here 4-1/2 years ago).  Later that week, Kathy and I had lunch at my house and enjoyed some great Christian fellowship and prayer.  We were amazed at being able to meet in person after all these years.  We talked about the "what if's" - What if Donnie hadn't noticed the sale?, What if Kathy had been inside the house and not in the yard?, What if I hadn't mentioned fibromyalgia?, etc.   WOW!


It was the night when Saddam Hussein was hung and President Ford had died.  Donnie and I were watching TV.  I was still feeling soooo bad from the toxic mold illness that I got last year at my workplace www.fms-help.com/mold.htm.  I went to lie down on the bed.  Tears were rolling onto my pillow.  I had so many unanswered questions.  Why had God allowed this?!  If only I had not worked at that place, I wouldn't be so sick now.  However, at the time I had no choice, because it was the only opening in town in my line of work.  I had to quit working there and continued to pray for healing.  I spent a fortune on doctors, prescriptions, supplements, etc. and was still barely functioning.  The lung and breathing problems, chest pain and pressure, extreme fatigue, etc. were just awful.  Suddenly, as I was rehashing my sad circumstances and having a full-blown pity party, the radio came on - all by itself!  It sounded kind of gravelly - like it was between stations.  I was in no mood to listen to the radio.  I reached over to turn it off, but I couldn't turn it off no matter what I did!  I sat up, turned on the light, and tried all the buttons - on/off/snooze, etc.  I was just miserable, so I set the radio back on the nightstand and laid down.  I listened with half an ear.  An elderly man was talking about his wife who had been an invalid for 23 years of their 47 year marriage.  That caught my attention.  He was saying what a wonderful marriage they had, even though she was ill.  She had been given 2 years to live, but lasted for 23 years.  She was his soul-mate and life partner.  You could tell he adored her.  He said they had prayed that she would be healed, but that "it did not please the Lord to heal her."  When he said those words, I was suddenly free from my worry and self-pity!  ("O, ye of little faith!")  A light went on in my heart and I knew that God had sent me the answer I needed to hear.  If my illness was the Lord's will for me, then I could be content and accept it.  I had not even considered this possibility before.  My heart was totally at peace....finally!  I had worried so much about being a burden to my husband, although he never gave me a reason to believe that.  I was so excited by this "miracle" (coincidence?) that I went to get Donnie to come look at the radio that wouldn't turn off!  [Update:  Shortly after this, cholestyramine - CSM - began alleviating my mold symptoms.  It absorbs mold and cholesterol.  See www.chronicneurotoxins.com.  I am not 100% healed yet, but I don't worry about it anymore and I give thanks to God for the improvement I have so far and for the kind newsletter reader who sent me the book MOLD WARRIORS.]

God is Sovereign over all of His creation.  He hasn't disappeared - He's right there, knowing where we are and what we are thinking, even when we can't see Him or feel Him.  I thought some of my readers might need this bit of encouragement today! 


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