Overactive or irritable bladder is often a problem for people with fibromyalgia.  Below is a compilation of responses I received from website readers in 2003 regarding bladder problems.  I began using some of the dietary suggestions immediately and during the following 3 nights, I got up between 0-2 times per night, which is a lot better than I was doing previously!  Thanks to all who wrote!  I have had some improvement in the daytime, but not as much as I'd like....am hopeful that this will get better too, as I heed good advice.  As you can see by the responses below, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience.  I hope some of these suggestions will help others who also struggle with this annoying problem.  - Dominie P.S. There were also some suggestions for interstitial cystitis (IC).


"I used to have the same problem with my kidneys (still do
occasionally if I eat certain foods) I learned that tomatoes, tomato paste,
tomato sauce etc etc (pizza) would make me retain water, however, I was not
emptying my bladder when I went to the bathroom, which caused pressure and
the need to go in the night.  I used a process of trial and error and a food
diary and lots of filtered water which helped a lot.  Recently I have tried
a new treatment for allergies and to improve your immune system.  It called
NAET, web site
www.naet.com so far I have had only one treatment but what a
difference it made in my sleep and my energy level.  I wake up not feeling
like an elastic band that has to be well stretched before you can move.  My
next treatment is on Oct 9th so I will keep you informed.  They claim to
unblock your energy channels including your kidneys and bladder and so far I
am impressed. I have had fibromyalgia  long before I was diagnosed (in 1989)
I was off work for over 2 years, but am back to work and leading an almost
but not quite close to normal life.  Thanks so much for your newsletter."

"Look to the diet and not the salt.  Spagetti, apples, oranges,
oatmeal to name a few..... high insulin foods, high carbo = food for the
little Candida guys.  With the high insulin, mimics adrenals on = fight of
flight = body in stress.  Its like when your nervous - you gotta go.  I
personally find stay on an almost -0- carb diet, salads, veggies and veggies
which are low carb, no cookies, no oatmeal, no bread, maybe flat bread with
one meal I do fine, but the one meal better be lunch.  More carbs late in
the day, sleeping patterns and 2x to the bathroom start to happen.  Your
taking all this good stuff to balance the system, why keep self sabotaging
One other thing, if you've had a hysterectomy, you don't have all you
plumbing and have spare room in the body, the bladder falls, creating more
pressure on it, this contributes to more frequent urination or the urge to

"I used to have to use the facilities every hour all day long and get up
once or twice at night when I experienced symptoms from my Fibromyalgia.  I drank
a lot of water (and no caffeine and no alcohol) to keep my system hydrated.
Since I felt that this help my symptoms, I was willing to look like a fool
going to the bathroom all the time and to have interrupted sleep.  I read
"Healing Back Pain", by Dr. John Sarno and "The Power of Positive Thinking",
by Norman Vincent Peale this summer and they put me on the road to recovery
very quickly.  I stopped taking ANY supplements (I had a huge list that I
was very prompt about taking).  I started drinking anything (including
caffeine and alcohol occasionally) and eating anything (within reason of a
balanced healthy diet).  My Fibro pain is GONE.  I don't have trouble
sleeping at night.  I occasionally have "reminder" pains that try to
distract me from my good health, but I tell my brain that I will not
tolerate the pain.  I can deal with the emotional turmoil and the pain goes
away.  I thought at first that maybe my stress levels were lower and that
was why I felt better.....my work is incredibly busy (salary), but financially
unstable and I am still able to feel incredible daily.  I truly believe that John Sarno
and Norman Vincent Peale have a clear understanding of these modern times
and how they affect our health.  It was a bit harsh at first when I picked up "Healing Back Pain",
but I got over my anger at what he was saying and tried his method.  I am so thankful that I
did.  I feel normal again.  I know stress and tension have a lot to do with
my physical problems.  I can control that even if I am stressed and tense.
I hope you find your answer to good health soon and everyone else with any
chronic illness!  Life is too good to be miserable from pain or feeling

"I have heard that one doctor said eating a banana and a glass of milk at
bedtime is like taking a sleeping pill.  I have tried it, don't really see
any difference.  I have the same problem though. Mine is definately from
drinking too many liquids before bed.  I have to thank you for introducing
biochoice.  It is phenominal.  I love it."

"I'll be interested in any answers you get.  I too have to go frequently.
More so in the morning. It doesn't necessarily wake me at night, but if I
wake up of course I have to go.  The minute I get in the car I have to go.
I too have trouble shopping without having to stop often to go.  I have had
bladder surgery twice, the last time in 1999.  I think I have been worse
since then.  It is a very frustrating problem.  It's almost impossible to go
anywhere you aren't sure a restroom is handy."

"I usually get up once a night also.  This has only been going on for about
the past 4 months.  Someone told me to just not think about it when you
wake up.  I wake up and think, since i'm awake, I might as well go to the
bathroom.  Othertimes I am still half asleep and find myself on the toilet?
 I can't explain it, but thankfully I can go back to sleep easily (unless I
wake up the puppy and then i'm really in trouble).  It is very disrupting
though to have to get up in the middle of a good sleep, so I can appreciate
your frustration.  I hope someone can provide you with some good insight."

"On a lighter side, it could just be old age setting in and your denial to
accept this!  Only joking.  I too find myself having to go more often,
mostly when I have stressful things to do.  It seems like every time I have
to go to the dentist I am about ready to explode on the chair or at a
meeting at work, can't seem to make it through that one either.... I think
my fibro is stress related and these days I just can't get away from
stress.  The death of my husband, selling my house and moving, hurricane
Floyd giving me 2 ft of water, taking care of elderly parents and power of
attorney, a full time job, and the recent trade center tragedy has left me
in permanent pain!!"

"Have you been checked for diabetes?"

"Did this seem to come on suddenly?  Is your urine very clear (almost like
water and you are producing tons of it)?  Plus, you are going to the
bathroom every 15 minutes or so and waking up during the night to both drink
(because you are so thirsty and to go to the bathroom (because you can't
hold it))? - - you may have diabetes insipidus.  (This is not sugar
diabetes.)  You also most likely are having a tremendous thirst and can't
drink enough.  (Of course, frequent urination is also a sign of other things
such as diabetes.)  If these symptoms sound familiar, email me back and/or
go to
http://diabetesinsipidus.maxinter.net/  I had was diagnosed with this
a few years back and would be interested to know if you have this too.  If you do
have the symptoms I described, please go to the web site I forwarded to
you.  My symptoms came on suddenly, but it may be possible for
them to develop more slowly.  If you do have diabetes insipidus (DI), it is
entirely treatable - - but you must drink sufficient liquids and take
medicine, since you can die from dehydration.  But other than that, there
are no bad problems such as people with sugar diabetes have. 
Since this is somewhat rare, your doctor may not
have considered this, so please go over your symptoms with those on the
internet and ask your doctor about them.  My doctor misdiagnosed me and I
couldn't sleep for about 6 months (from having to go to the bathroom and
drink liquids) and I got sicker and sicker from not being able to sleep and
eventually my sodium level was over 155.  Now, my DI is well maintained and
I'm down to all my "other" problems (ulcer, headaches, Fibro, etc. etc.),
one of which is working 10 to 12 hours or more a day.  At 45, the only thing
I'm dying of is old age - - at least!"

"My body was too much acidic so I take coral calcium, Mycrohydrin and
Crystal Eneregy.  it helps a lot.  Also my acupunctor treats me for that,
specifically and it helps too.  He says that my energy is low, I also
suffer from a back problem. Now I only have to go up 1 or twice per night.
and if I do my training the day that I bicycle I will get all through the
night.... so I train 3 times  a week.  I also drink lots of water during
the day."

"I have the same problem and would love to hear some of the answers."

"Don't know your age but, that could be part of it......Also I had a
bladder suspension a few years back that helped a lot. As did my daughter
who is a school teacher . She had hers summer before last and had a great
year of teaching last year.....She just turned 40...have you had a
uroligist check that possibility?"

"Thanks for all your good info. that you send.  I pass it along to friends
with fibro. etc.  I don't have an answer for your recurring bladder
problem,  but I CAN pray for you.   Father, in the name of Jesus, I lift up
Dominie to You.  I thank You for the help she's been to so many people and
I ask that all she is doing will end up to Your glory and to further the
message of the Kingdom of God.  Now, she is in need of an answer to her
bladder problem.  I hold her up to You Lord, her Creator, that You would
give her the answer she needs concerning this robber of sleep.  Father, You
give to Your beloved sleep.  Thank You dear Lord, for all Your care and
protection of Your people.  In Jesus' name I pray, Amen."

"Here's what I take before bed, and I don't usually have to get up in the
night. I take 3 (Twin Lab) calcium citrate capsules plus 1 magnesium (Twin
Lab) capsule right before bedtime.  The is 300 mg of calcium and 150 mg of
magnesium in 2 calcium citrate capsules.  There is 400 mg in the additional
magnesium capsule.  There are no binders or fillers, so it's easily
absorbed.  I've been using these for at least 20 years, ever since I
stopped taking Elavil.  It really helps me; hope this helps you.  Also,
sometimes I take 2 Twin Lab inositol/choline capsules and 1 Twin Lab
niacinamide capsule before bedtime which helps to relax me."

"I use Ditropan XL which really helps me.  I only get up once a night and
sometimes I go all night but watch out for the next morning and get out of
my way!"

"Perhaps you're over-dosing on vitamin C or 'C' related vitamins.
'C' does this to me all day long if I take too much or get too much in my
foods plus any supplements.  It makes my urine (almost) florescent yellow; a
sign that the kidneys are on overdrive.  It doesn't take much 'C' to do this
while I'm taking the OPCs (150mg/day).  One small orange juice and the OPCs
plus normal foods seems to be my threshold.  One small supplement puts me

"Have your doctor check you out for Intestitial Cystitis.  I have that.  I
am constantly going to the bathroom and I am on Detrol but it doesn't seem to
help me much because I still get up during the night.  I have had the
problem since a teenager.  I am in a good bit of pain with my bladder today
too.  I take Elmiron for the IC and you have to take an anti-depressent with
it.  I tried it without the anti-depressent to see if I would be okay not
taking the addtl med but it did not work.  It is definitely required.
There is a list of foods that IC people should avoid.  If you are diagnosed
with IC then you will get the list of foods or you can email me and get
them from me.  I have had a lot of problems with the IC this year despite
medication and bladder cocktail treatments.  I hope that you don't have it.
It is similar to a UTI infection as far as the symptoms but it in no way is
UTI as the cause is not bacterial.  Make sure that the doctor takes a
urinary test because many people get treated for UTI's when it is actually
IC.  Antibiotics won't solve the problem if it is IC.   It is a problem to
endure for the rest of my life such as the fibro and many other health
problems.  Make sure though you  have a good doctor and get a 2nd opinion
if the first one shrugs you off.  During college my professor said I went to
the bathroom too much and there could be a problem, to check it out.  I went to a doctor
who just told me I had a small bladder.  Being new to this country and city
I trusted the doctor's diagnosis.  When I changed OB-GYN's, my [new doctor]
indicated to me the possibility in my first visit.  No other doctor had
ever said anything about the information I put in those medical forms
except him.  Had it not been for him I would have assumed the pain was just
from the endometriosis.  Unfortunately, I don't seem to respond good to many
medications and suffer constantly from all the pains and fatigue but I guess
life goes on.  I was telling myself this morning that I should be greatful
for my job (which I am!).  It is just hard to work 40+ hours and endure
pain.  My husband sometimes gets unhappy with me for not having any sexual
desire.  But with the pain and medications, my drive is practically zero and
it is not because I want it to be that way.  I don't have any other

"You can have diabetes insipidus (also called water diabetes) without being
thirsty - - your thirst mechanism could be not working properly.  To be
safe, talk to your doctor and have your sodium level checked and your urine
checked (you probably need the 24 hour urine test - to see if your
urine is too thin)."


"In reply to your problem about getting up numerous times during the night,
a suggestion is go to a urologist.  There is a disease called Interstitial
Cystitis.  It is in the bladder, hard to detect, hard to treat, also has a
connection with FMS/CFS/ IBS.  I started with IC and everything went down
hill from there, FMS/CFS/IBS.  If you are interested in more information,
I'll be glad to direct you to an excellent website for IC."

"I have no pain during urination with IC.  I have pain constantly now, down
by my ovaries and lower back pain, which is why I always thought it was from
the endometriosis and never questioned it.  But it wasn't.  That is why I said
it would be best to check it out and rule IC out.  If it had been pain
during the urinating and the blood that I hear comes with UTI I would have
thought bladder infection.  It is pain like as if I was having my period
(but it is not that).  Constant pain and numerous trips to the bathroom.  I
am known for that very well here at work!  The list of foods is at home but
I will get it and email it to you.  Main ones I think are acid foods!"

"I have the same problem.  In addition, I have had "bladder inflammations"
almost every other week this summer.  I am learning that caffeine, alcohol
and other acid foods  stimulate the neck of the bladder causing it to contract
and become over active.  In addition, I am experiencing "leakage"-this is really
frustrated to experience loss of control of one of those fundamental
functions!  I will be going to an accupuncturist today who I hope will have
some answers.  I think this non-traditional approach may have some answers."

"I have this same problem  and it really depends on the foods I eat. I have
completely cut out chocolate, and try to limit how much tomato I eat.
Spinach and beets are also high in oxalates. Also coffee. Any foods that
are high in oxalates tend to cause problems for me. I try not to drink
liquids after 9 PM at night, and that seems to help with the nighttime
visits to the bathroom. Several years ago, when I went to my first Dr. to
find out what was wrong with me, I told her about the pain and urinary problems I had been having.
She was the first one to tell me about foods high in oxalates and to cut
them out of my diet. That was in 1994. After being stubborn for several
years I finally got the "message".   I did a search in Google using the word oxalates and
found several hits. The sad part is, if you were limited on what you could eat before, this will
probably make you more sad...less things to eat, and some that you might
have thought were benign. And I love pumpkin pie.....

"I too share in your problem.  It really "piss's" me off....  sorry, poor
joke. :)  Although mine isn't that severe, but I do have to go about 3
times to what everyone does.  I don't have any cures, but my Dr. at the
Center for Advanced Medicine once mentioned that that is a sign of your
body losing minerals.  Are you low on minerals?  Also I read that we can
train our bladders to hold it longer and that's ok to do.  It said not to
give into the first urge and try to ignore it .  Sometimes our brains just
react to easily and we have to learn to retrain the brain.  And the only
other thing I know is that stress and anxiety also makes for frequent
urination.  And since the bombing  we're all under so much more anxiety.
I've been sleeping terrible since that happened."

"I have had similar problems and they always seem to be related to
my menstrual cycle, actually it seems to happen twice amonth, about day 8 of
the cycle and then a couple of weeks later.  I haven't been able to find a
solution other than keep off any synthetic medication and attempting to
watch my diet.  Rigorous swimming seems to help the problem quite a bit.  I
have a feeling you are waking up and then feel you have to urinate and not
the other way around."

"...absolutely no coffee or cola, or chocolate ever. They all stimulate the
bladder, even if   decaffeinated.
...no fruit after midday, nor fruit drinks. Have fruit in the mornings
...if you are thirsty, only have a few sips of water. You'll survive...
...drink lots in the morning only , preferably fruit juice...
...avoid a lot of salt, to stop getting thirsty.
....don't drink with lunch and dinner meals, spare a few sips to get things
down the throat.
...there are a few good medications for stopping the urge, but I just also
go if necessay. I look at it as a post-midnight walk...such is the
weakening of the muscles there. there are exercises to strengthern those
muscles... avoid those products entirely for a few weeks. Any allergic
reactions can make the body tend to uninate, I have found, due to stress.
Stress is a killer in more ways than one."


"I just rreceived your e-mail.I looked in a book I have: "Fibromyalgia &
Chronic Myofascial Pain",a survival manual,2nd edition,by Devin
Starlanyl & Mary Ellen Copeland,MD.I bought it through
orders@amazon.com>).On page 96 it says :
"Do you have an irritable bladder and/or bowel ? This can be due to the
pyramidalis(not shown),multifidi(fig.8-24),and abdominal
TrPs(Fig.8-16).The pyramidalis TrPs is found in your lower abdomen,a
little to the side of midline.It is about the same height as the lower
hipbone ridge.Trigger points in the upper  rim of the pubis appear to
add to the irritability ans spasms of the genital-urinary tract.This may
be part of the reason why so many of us have to urinate so often.With
FMS and CMP,not only is the bladder  hypersenstive,it may not hold as
much.In addition,you may not be able to empty your bladder totally due
to TrPs in the rectus abdominis,or in scars from abdominal
surgery.Trigger points in upper left rectus abdominis can also cause
superficial pain in the heart area.Trigger point in this muscle may be
responsible for symptoms of gall bladder disease,pelvic disease,and
WORK MAY HELP."  Find a good professional that knows how to apply
craniosacral treatments.You also could see a doctor in Acupuncture and a doctor in
Homeopathy explaiing them the above..With all 3 specialists you could
get releif ! Keep me posted and all the best of luck! Take are and God

"I too have a "small bladder" syndrome, or so I call it.
 I've been learning that there are certain foods that are natural diuretics
such as grapes and watermelon.  Also, some of the herbal teas have the same
effect even if I drink them early and go to the bathroom several times
before going to bed.  The other thing that naturally makes us want to go is
nervousness and anxiety.  Sometimes stress can be undetectable because we
become so used to it being part of our lives (ever notice that before a big
event like a wedding, first date, concert, a long car trip, or similar
exciting situations can cause "nervous pees")...... there's not much there
but a dribble but it sure feels like you really have to go !   Another
possibility is the presence of cysts in the reproductive area that cause
pressure on the bladder.  I've just accepted all of this as part of the
wonders of womanhood.  My getting up to go to the bathroom makes me a
little uncomfortable about staying at friends houses too !  I always have
to "map out" the way to the pot before I go to bed.  I don't know if I've
helped you or if I'm just commiserating here.  Let me know if you get any
other advice, suggestions or answers too."

"Boy, can I relate!  I've been seeing a doctor for this bladder flare-up
which started just this past spring.  He put me on the first antibiotic which did
absolutely nothing.  The second time I went in he took a urine culture and
put me on another antibiotic.  The medicine did nothing and I had no urinary
tract infection.  The third time they tested the urine again (all was fine)
AND they took blood to test for early onset diabetes, because I told him
I've been so thirsty since this whole thing started.  Test results?  No diabetes.
I have to call back this afternoon to see what they want to do next - if
anything.  I wish I had an answer for you.  I do know, like you, that
certain foods make it worse.  Also, right before my period I can get up at least 5
times a night.  If you hear from someone who has the secret to this thing I
would be VERY happy to know what that might be."

"I have the same problem and what helps me is to stay on the alkaline
side with more veggies also taking Spirulina and Chlorella that keeps the
alkaline balance up.  When I fall off the alkaline wagon and eat Cheetos
before going to bed, I also have to get up several times to go to the
bathroom...I'm interested in what other folks have to say on this as well,
so thanks for keeping me on your newsletter list."

"i have found a drug the dr JUST prescribed for me called TRAZADONE omg if
u take 1-2 pills about an hr before u go to sleep, make sure u go to the
bathroom 1st and i tell u u will not get up1 time during the nite. i have
been getting  up 4,5-6 times a nite going to the bathroom and now when i
sleep its so sound and peaceful that u barley move u just have a
wonderful rest another med i am on is TRIMETERINE it helps u lose all your
fluid its like a water pill for people who retain too much liquids. its
wonderful to.  even tho these are drugs and not natural u will never be the same
again.  i am now sleeping like never before and i dont get up now not even 1

"We had spaghetti last night too!  I would be a good shopping companion for
you=)  I too get incredibly thirsty about 3 hours after supper.  I've found
that greatly increasing my water intake during the day and REALLY cutting
back on sodium during the day helps.  Anything jarred or canned too, including spag sauce.  Also
magnesium!  Isn't that funny?  If I forget my mag I'm up 2-3 times at night,
but when I remember to take it I'm usually ok.  Let us know what you find

"A couple of things I picked up on that you said.  First, you get thirsty.
From what I have read you get thirsty because you are dehydrated.  So what
about trying the 6-8 glasses of water a day.  I know myself I chug a 16.9
oz of water when I first get up.  I leave a bottle on my bathroom sink and
fill it each morning.  Then I go and do my BioChoice. When I come back into
the bathroom I try to drink another botle full.  Then I am releasing it
early in the day.  Second, you have gone thru menopause and I no myself and
from my friends that this occurs also.  Also, once you get into the habit
of gooing at the slightest urge, it becomes a habit.  So try to extend the
time inbetween your bathroom runs even during the day.  It will take a
while to break the habit but try to stretch it out.  Hope this helps."

"I would love to hear what you find out.  I also have
this problem.  2 -3 times most nights, but 5-6 times
on a bad night."

"It sounds like interstitial cystitis.  What happens is that the bladder
for some reason loses its lining, therefore, make it sensitive to acidic
foods.  It took some time to help me.  First I had a bladder cystoscopy to
determine if the bladder wall was bleeding and if there was scar tissue.
There was, so I had a bladder distention to break up the scar tissue.  I
had frequent urination such as you because my bladder capacity was reduced
due to the space the scar tissue took.  It took a long time to settle my
bladder down.  I tried numerous medications until my doctors and I hit on
the formula I needed.  Hydroxyzine for hives, trazadone for smooth bladder
relaxation and sleep, and unusually, prozac.  For some reason this takes
the pain away.  I still have to watch what I eat but I am doing much

"Have you been checked for diabetes. Just a thought."

"You might want to try the "kegal" exercise.  This is
an excercise to build up your muscles around your
urinary tract as well as your vagina.  It was
developed for pregnant women.  Its simply "holding-in"
for 10 seconds and then releasing in a series of reps.
 hope this helps....can't hurt and its free."

"I, too, have a hard time sleeping most of the time.  I have tried all of
the sleep remedies, herbs, OTC's. etc.  However, this week I have been
taking Nyquil nighttime for a cold, and find I sleep much better, also more
deeply.  I also take 1/2 to 1 tablet of Trazadone.  Of course, we can't take
Nyquil nightly, but the combination really seems to help sleep.  Just a

"Have you had you blood suger checked.  Sometimes going
alot is a sign of being a diabetic."

"It's all ways nice to know I'm not alone in suffering with these things.
I'm not sure I have any answers at this time.  I know for me it's worse
right before I start my period and right after.  I figured the reason why
it's bad afterwards is because I'm getting rid of all of the excess water
weight.  I've also tried the cut down on drinking in the evenings,
sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't.  I will start some experiments
starting tonight to see if I can come up any answers for both us and maybe
some more sufferers. God bless, and hang in there!!"

"Boy can I sympathize with your situation!  I thought I held the world's
record for bathroom-going, but I think you have me beat.  My thoughts on
why the overactive bladder stuff doesn't work for us is that it isn't our
bladders that are overactive -- it's our kidneys.  I used to think I had
the smallest bladder on record, but that's not it either.  I had to take
some urinary test a couple of years ago, and they gave me a huge container
to collect all my urine for 24 hours.  Well, I not only filled that but
more than 1 milk jug as well.  I don't have any great advice, but I have
discovered a few things:
I try to eat a light supper fairly early and only drink water with it.  Tea
or anything else tends to make me have to go more.  And I stay away from
salty stuff and acidic stuff that will irritate kidneys and/or bladder.
After supper, I just sip a little water or chew sugar-free gum when I'm
thirsty.  (The rest of the day I drink water like a fish.)  The deeper I
sleep, the less I have to go.  In normal people, sleep slows down the
bodily processes.  Since we fibro folks typically don't sleep deeply, we
don't have that advantage.  So even though I'm taking the Immune 26, I
continue to take sleep meds -- the deeper the better.  Since I've been
sleeping deeper, I've gone from 5 bathroom trips a night to 1 or 2.  I take
trazadone to make me sleep, and I awake feeling quite refreshed.  Anyway,
there is nothing brilliant here, but every little bit helps.  Thanks so
much for all the info you pass on to us."

"I had that problem for a few months.  In fact, I was having trouble just
getting to the bathroom in time.  My solution seems to have come about by
accident.  My doctor had me on Trazadon for the fibro.  It did help me
sleep, but I was getting up to the bathroom about every two hours.  When I
got fed up with all the medications and stopped taking them, the problem
went away."

"I don't have a good answer for you, I'm writing you because I appreciate
you taking time in sending this newsletter to me.  I myself do not suffer from
this condition however, for school I am doing a research project on how
Massage Therapy may benefit those who suffer the symptoms of fibromyalgia.  I'm
learning a lot from your page so thank you so much.  The only thing that I
know with the liquid intake is making sure that  it is water because
caffeinated beverages will increase your blood pressure thus it speeds up
your whole system.  They say that is why it is not good for you to
drink tea on hot days because the tea itself is a diuretic because of the
caffeine.  I'm sure you knew that already, you seem very well educated on
these types of things.  I drink mostly water throughout the whole day,
including the evening hours and I don't get up during the night as a general rule.   I
also add a few drops of lemon juice to my water.  It supports a healthy immune
system and it also makes the water taste fresh.  Once again, thank you for
including me, it's giving me a better understanding of this condition and
what people go through that suffer from it."

"My husband swears that cranberry pills or capsules help him with this
problem.  Being a shift worker, he is often interrupted by a confused
bladder!  I hope this is a help to you, or to anyone else."

"I have the same problem... and the one experience I have had with this
totally going away was when I was following very closely the Body Ecology
Diet... from the book... I got a plan from my nutritionist and stuck really
lcoe to it and htat went completely back to normal like all my other
symptoms went away... adn it was very strict but probably nothing you
aren;t already used to. you could call or email him. He is great. His name
is Sam Rose and his email is
rosenutrition@earthlink.net. His number is
310-473-8835. This was my first experience with this problem and it is
madenning and this was the only thing I tried that worked and it worked
completely. Even the urinary tract supplimenets didn't work as well as the
regimine he put me on. Let me know if you have any trouble reaching him or
need any more info."

"i read your article about having to make frequent trips to the bathroom
during the night, i am a nurse in the urology dept, and of course we see
many patients like yourself, and of course i am one of those, i have had
fibro for 4 yrs now. There is a thing such as an unstable or sensitive
bladder, the bladder, or urethra can go into spasm, causing many trips to
the bathroom. It is important to keep the fluids up though, there are meds
out there to help, (sorry you have tried one and it did not work),
irritable bladder seems to go hand in hand with fibro, but can also be
caused by other things, we usually perform a cystoscopy to view the
bladder, to see if anything is going on, and a urodynamic study to evaluate
the bladders performance also. But certainly persevere with your doc on
this, issue, Hope you get results soon."

"Your problem is one my partner has been dealing with for the last 8-10
years with his CFS. It drives him crazy sometimes. Some nights he is up
every hour and it really does not help when he can't sleep real well
anyway.  It is a condition called diuresis, meaning excess urination. I
regard myself as very lucky in that I don't have this problem a great deal.
Drinking more during the day and cutting down, but not stopping, in the
evening can help, by hydrating the body in the early part of the day can be
a great help. Extra salt and potassium can help in keeping water in the
body.  If you can imagine the body as a dried out sponge and when you run water
over it, the water runs off because the sponge cannot take up the water,
because it is so dry. But if it had a little water in it, the extra water
would soak in.  By having enough salt and potassium present, the water
would 'soak' into the body and not 'run off' by urination.  I do believe
that a lot of people with these disorders do have the problem with lower
blood volume because the body's controlling mechanism thinks that what is
'normal blood volume' is too much for CFS/FM people and it turns on the
extraction system, thereby causing the excess urination. But by keeping up
an optimal level of salt and potassium, this should be cut down. High
potassium foods, such as bananas, can help. I can't remember any others at
the moment. Potassium regulates the level of sodium in your body,
therefore, both together are important. This is a fact often forgotten in
low salt diets.  It may take a while for your system to regulate itself
when (and if) you can add these foods to your diet, but persevere. It
probably would be good idea to do this through your health practitioner
rather than on your own, just to keep an eye on things because you don't
want anything else to develop, such a high-blood pressure.  I hope this
little bit of info will help.  Keep up the newsletters, they are a great
source of info. I pass them around at the regular CFS/FM support group
meetings. They often spark a great deal of discussion, especially the ones
about BioChoice."

"Are you in need of a bladder suspension. If you are dribbling or if you are
incontinent when you laugh, sneeze, cough, lift items, run, trampoline etc.
this may be the case. Is your bladder emptying completely.  Coffee can
irritate the bladder. Definitely cut back on fluids after supper. Try
chewing gum to quench your thirst.  I'm seeing a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine for
acupuncture and herbs. She has done wonders to relieve my pain. She seems
concerned that bladder issues have to do with menopause and if our levels of progesterone
are ok then it would relieve or decrease this issue. You might want to check
this out. I've just started to use natural progesterone see there is no
verdict yet."

"I wonder if you have ever tried taking a benadryl at bedtime?  It is
an antihistamine and is not habit forming and I don't think it would
hurt you and it might do some good.  You take 50 mg a half hour or so
before you go to bed.  I think you can get them over the counter in 25mg
so you would take two.  I hope it might help."

"Just a thought but maybe you should be tested for diabetes."

"You've probably tried all this but.... Kegel excercises to tone up
everything down there. Also, drinking mega amounts of water and trying to
hold it and stretch your bladder as much as possible.  Bigger bladder,
bigger holding pouch.  Bladders ( like stomachs in Anorexic individuals)
can shrink over time decreasing their holding capacity until they just
can't hold much at all anymore.  Just as the shrinkage has occurred over
time, the re-stretching will have to occur over time as well.  Until then,
no liquids in the evening.  Use sugar-free hard candies to combat the
thirst. I hope this helps.  I, too, have had to deal with this problem."

"I have had a multitude of bladder problems, especially related to my
Fibromyalgia.  First I had a tumor removed from inside my spinal cord, and
to remove it they had to cut one of the primary nerves to my bladder.  I've
had hundreds of UTIs and just a few years ago was diagnosed with
interstitial cystitis.  My bladder was very active and I also had to go on
medications to calm it down.  You could have interstitial cystitis.  It is
only diagnosed surgically.  It mimics the symptoms of a bladder infection, with frequency being one of
those symptoms.  Have you seen a urologist about your problem?  There are
also other drugs that you can try to calm your bladder down.  I would check
that out.  Irritable Bladder Syndrome has also been cited as a symptom of
Fibromyalgia.  From what I've read, it sounds a lot like Interstitial
Cystitis.  This sounds crazy, but I would definitely avoid cranberry juice
and anything with cranberry in it.  I have found that it makes my bladder
VERY active."

"Just a few ideas regarding your urinary frequency problem. Not Medical
Advice, just speaking from experience with the problem I have had myself.
1. Not enough plain water intake which can cause an irritable bladder from
the foods and other drinks we consume ie: coffee, cola's, acidic foods.
2. Constipation which can also lead do incontinency of bladder.
3. General flare-up of fibromyalgia
4. Stress related
5. Failure to listen to one's body during daytime and going to the restroom
when one feels the urge to urinate not putting it off
6. Anxiety related ie: the fear of going someplace and not having access to
a restroom.
This is not intended as medical advice, just speaking from experience.  I
too, have fibro/cfs and just wanted to tell you what was causing my
problems over the years.  If I don't keep my water intake up during the
day, I am up and down all night with the urge to urinate and then do
nothing because I dehydrate easily.  The docs told me by the time I get
thirsty, headache, frequent urgency, I am already dehydrated.  They also
told me that unless I had congestive heart failure or some other disease
where fluid restriction is required,  they would never tell me to decrease
my water intake.  I am sure you know that coffee, tea, cola's are not
considered water intake.  They are very dehydrating and need to be flushed
out of your system asap.  I hope some of this information helps you.  I
just hope it does not signal an acute problem with the fibro."


"I wish I had an answer.  I am the exact opposite.  I have a lot of
swelling.  I take lasix everyday but I still have a swelling problem.  With the lasix I
go quite a few times in the morning then I stop.  If I don't take it I may
only go once all day long.  I have had numerous test done on my kidneys and
everything seems fine so they have no answers.  No answers to alot of
problems, doesn't that sound familiar!"

"This was one of my first sysmtoms of Fibro.  I did not know it at the time
and I found it kinda funny.  As I have gotten "better" I am able to wait
longer to but still go more that anybody I know and have to get up a coule
times a night on average.  In the whole scheme of things this is something I
can totally live with.  I no longer rely on antidepressants and my
Rhumotologist said that he wishes he could bottle me and give me to all his
other Fibro patients.  I have gone from MAJOR panic attacks and being unable
to climb stairs to working more than full time, taking care of my family,
and can climb Pikes Peak ( I live in Colorado)  I do not know why it went
away, I do not call it remissiont g been through it.  You do good work
Dominie, you gave me much comfort when I tought my life was over (at
27!!!!!!!!)  Please tell people that there is life at the end of the tunnel
although recovery can take what seems like forever and is a daily conscience
fight between mond, body, and spirit.  There is a way out.  I bless everyone
that is forced to live in a body with Fibro, it has been a gift to me.  It
has made me stronger, smarter, and closer to people in my life."

"Sorry to hear about your bladder problem.  I usually have to get up at
least once during the night even though I try to go before I go to bed
and don't drink anything after dinner.  Are you sure you are not having
a problem with sugar?  Have you been tested for diabetes? I am not
diabetic, but I do notice that when I have a sugary dessert or too many
carbs, I have to go a lot more often and there is more of an urgency.  Everybody is different.
Maybe you could try to keep a food diary for a little while to see if
you notice any pattern. (Noting of course the number of times you have
to get up during the night.)  I would also try substituting Immune 26
for the BioChoice as the BioChoice contains about 2 teaspoons of sugar
per serving.  Immune 26 tastes fine in vanilla flavored rice milk.  (I
use 1/2 rice milk and 1/2 water because of my body's intolerance to
sugar [sugar is also present in the rice milk]).  Please let me know if
it helps at all.  I wish I could be of more help.  I just remember you
telling me that you enjoyed a carbo-snack before bed to help you sleep.
You might try substituting something like Triscuits which have fiber to
absorb some of the liquid in your system.  If nothing works within the
next few weeks, you might want to pray  for a good specialist.  Sometimes a
second opinion is well worth the time. (It doesn't hurt to have a little
help from above, either.)"

"I just rreceived your e-mail.I looked in a book I have :"Fibromyalgia &
Chronic Myofascial Pain",a survival manual,2nd edition,by Devin
Starlanyl & Mary Ellen Copeland,MD.I bought it through
orders@amazon.com>).On page 96 it says :
"Do you have an irritable bladder and/or bowel ? This can be due to the
pyramidalis(not shown),multifidi(fig.8-24),and abdominal
TrPs(Fig.8-16).The pyramidalis TrPs is found in your lower abdomen,a
little to the side of midline.It is about the same height as the lower
hipbone ridge.Trigger points in the upper  rim of the pubis appear to
add to the irritability ans spasms of the genital-urinary tract.This may
be part of the reason why so many of us have to urinate so often.With
FMS and CMP,not only is the bladder  hypersenstive,it may not hold as
much.In addition,you may not be able to empty your bladder totally due
to TrPs in the rectus abdominis,or in scars from abdominal
surgery.Trigger points in upper left rectus abdominis can also cause
superficial pain in the heart area.Trigger point in this muscle may be
responsible for symptoms of gall bladder disease,pelvic disease,and
WORK MAY HELP."  Find a good professional that knows how to apply
craniosacral treatments.You also could see a doctor in Acupuncture and a doctor in
Homeopathy explaiing them the above..With all 3 specialists you could
get releif ! Keep me posted and all the best of luck!"

"Possibility.........many fibromyalgia patients also have interstitial
cystitis.  This can be very symptomatic with pain and all sorts or symptoms
similar to an infection.  Or, it can be mild.  The frequent urination is
almost ALWAYS a factor.  With interstitial cystitis a urinalysis will come
back fine.  As of a few years ago, the only way to get a true diagnosis was
with a biopsy of the bladder wall.  Interstitial cystitis and fibromyalgia
are both immune deficiency diseases.  I am the mother of a daughter who has

"Try drinking large amounts of water to build up the bladder capacity.
Sometimes that helps me; I do it before I go on a long trip.  That has
actually been touted as a way to stop children from bed-wetting.  My sister
had two daughters who wet the bed.  If she gave them large amounts of water
during the day, they tended not to wet the bed at night.  Other than that,
I don't know.  There are drugs out there that supposedly supress overactive
bladders, but I'm sure you're looking for a natural cure."

"Drink pure cranberry juice.  She expects 2 qts of juice a day to clear up
the low grade infection very quickly [maybe in one day!]  I hope you do OK."

"I am sorry to say that I dont have any great advice for you, but I can
sympathize because I have the same prob. and  have had this prob since I
was a child (also when my symtoms started-  at 5 yrs old) But, here is what
I do-- I do not go to bed before completely empting my bladder . And when I
say completely - I mean totally empty. Sometimes that helps a bit-
sometimes not."

"I believed that I was the only person going through this.  I  have been
trying to control all intake of  fluid at bedtime.   Sleeping  is always
horrible pure chance that rarely happens   Needing to get up 3 or 4 times a
night makes sleep all but impossible."

"I could have written your request for help, as I have the very same
problem.  I don't go in any stores shopping unless I know where their
bathroom is located.  Same problem as yours a night, Urologist gave me
Detrol, didn't work at all.  Then he put me on the prescription DDAVP, take
before I go to bed, it only works for the first few hours and then I am up
every half to every hour the rest of the night.  I too would like to find
an answer to this problem.  Do you have Interstitial Cystitis?  I do."

"Volunteers 18 years of age and older are currently being screened for
participation in a nationwide research study for overactive bladder. The purpose of this
research study is to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of an investigational medication
designed to control overactive bladder. Qualified participants will receive study related exams
and study medication."

"Thanks for your newsletters. I've had fibro -fullblown - vor about 6
years, and like you, I go through bouts of overactive bladder. It has
nothing to do with your kidneys, it's the effect the tightening of the
tissues has on the bladder wall and the control muscles, and it's a real
nuisance. I haven't found much that helps, though I've had less of it since
I went on a low- really low -fat diet to help control my blood pressure. I
don't know whether the resulting weight loss has helped or I'm cycling out
of that phase of fibro for a while. Low salt, not high, may also help, I'm
not sure on that one."

"I also have "spells" of this frequent night time urination, but
unfortunately I don't have any answers or suggestions to this problem.  I
have noticed that I will be bothered by it for several weeks or months and
it will then cease for several weeks or months.  Then the cycle repeats
itself.   I have no idea what causes it or why it ceases temporarily.  I
have an appointment in November with my Fibromyalgia specialist.  I will
ask her for any feedback or opinions she may have on this problem and get
back to you on this.  Good luck in finding an answer."

"I could have written that myself, every word of it is like my life. I
don't sleep well either and then I will take a Benadryl to make me sleep
better, which makes me dry and I have to drink. I awake at least 4 times at
night to either drink or go to the bathroom. When I get up, then I can't
get back to sleep.  This Fibro is at it's peak now, the depression is
taking over, I can't do anything I used to do and that depresses me. I am
having trouble with my knees where I fell and it is just a vicious circle.
I was only diagnosed 6 months ago with FMS but have had it for years. My
Dr. said there was no such thing as Fibromyalgia. I changed Dr's.  I am
blessed some nights with having to go to the bathroom just once..I average
about 4--6 hours a night if I'm lucky. I hope someone gives you an answer,
for I know that you will share it with us readers.  Thanks for your imput
in this terrible disease, every little bit of info helps."

" Welcome to the bathroom club. I have been doing this since I was 30. It
gets worse. I know every john in every mall, street, 95, store.  Its
something some woman have to go through. I feel at night its colder in
Florida which makes you go at night. You might notice during the day, its
not too bad. But at night, your miserable. I have a friend (84 yrs) who
asks the same problem. I truly believe its cooler at night and we cant do
anything about it."

"I sure don't have the answer - I have the same exact problems. I am jjust
too thirsty all the time and it's not just at night like you said it is all the
time.  I would be interested in any of the good suggestions you receive."

"You may find some relief with Homeopathic medicines.  I have a Homeopathic
Guide and there are a number of medications you can take.  I would suggest
that you go to a Homeopathic Drugstore.  Sometimes they have doctors there
in the pharmacy and you can quickly tell one of them about your problem."

"received your request yesterday for something to
relieve the constant trips to the bathroom.
a year ago I discovered a simple product called
uricontro by BHI. I  use it when taking trips or when
I'll be confined to situation.It works great and just
one dose lasts a long time. Great for shopping and
road trips! I get it from The Health Shoppe in
Montclair, NJ (973-746-3555) but they're out of stock
now. So I tracked down the manufacturer and you can
order it through:
www.smallflower.com  Look through the listings for
homeopathy and you'll find it under URI Control by
BHI, it's $ 10.50 for 100 tablets.  You've given me so much hope & help I
hope this works for you."

"Been there and done that.I find that Detrol does help me. However I don't
like taking more prescription drugs than necessary. I have found that
melatonin has helped reduce the times I have to get up and go. Also taking
an acetaminophen before bedtime helps to reduce the frequency."

"I wish i had an answer for you because I have had this problems for years
now.  I can never go through a night without waking up at least a couple of
times.  I am a terrible companion too."

"Have you every been tested for Interstitial cystitis? I have this and it
causes me to go to the bathroom a lot.  I can drink soda, coffee, tea or
caffee. Limit your water intake towards bedtime. All kids of foods also
bother me.  Anthing with citrus acid. You should see an urologist.  I.C.
also cause me a lot of pain if I eat the wrong food or drink."

"In reply to your quest I can admit to having all the same problems and so
does my wife (she has MS) it is so bad in her case that she makes sure that
she does not drink anything after 6pm at night if she does it is really
impossible to get rested.  One thing to watch is that you don't cut down to
much as it is important not to dehydrate and it is important to flush out
your kidneys properly as this helps to stop infection.  Cranberry juice is
also very good for the bladder too.  My wife also got test done which found
her bladder is not emptying properly and her nerves that tell her she needs
to go are very sensitive. (She was asked even to try and ignore the signals
to try and train her bladder to fill up properly) but this can be very
dangerous as it can lead to infection in the bladder and she often ends up
with a kidney infection from the same reason.  She is on oxybutan another
name for it is ditropan (not so sure if the spelling is correct or not) it
is for waterwork problems anyway.  There is an operation that can be carried
out as well to do with the bladder that can sometimes help although my wife
has not had it done so I don't know if it is any use or not (although her
friend had it done and she says it helped her)  I have been to my GP lots of
times as I thought it may be my prostrate playing up as I am only 47 but I
was told it is not that?  I have always had this problem even when I was a
young boy between taking ages to start a piddle and then it stopping
prematurelay and then having to rush back as I feel I will wet myself, and
then only get a dribble.  I also have the same problem at the other end as
with most people with FMS I also suffer with IBS so it does get you down.
There is one other thing that may be of use that my wife was told from her
docter and it is to push down with her hands in her bladder region (a bit
like squeezing a balloon) to empty her bladder properly she says that seemed
to help her it all depends how severe you are that you may have to self
caterise (that is using a tube to empty you out) but my wife has never done
this yet (it scares her)  I hope this is usefull and of help to you."

"I also have been getting up at least once in the morning. I was told
the same thing about water. I was told not to drink after 6 p.m. but I get
very thirsty also. Maybe if we drink enough doing the day we would feel more
hydrated and would not crave the water at night. I am not sure how much you
drink through the day but I would probably try and get in at least half your
body weight in ounces, which you already know I am sure:>) and than try not
to drink after a certain early evening time and see if you still feel full
from the water."

"I sure feel for you!! The Doctors have not been any help to you?
I e-mailed your story to a friend of mine who is a nurse. I will keep
checking for you and help you find an answer. Have you ever tried WebMd,
here is the link. Also has some good information for pain suffers.
I will continue to pray and pray!

"I have fibromialgia and I do get up at least once per night since I
hit the "50".  I would see if an herbal diuretic during the day might
help you not to go during the night.  I does seem to help me.  I too go
every hour or so.  I still try to live my life in a normal fashion and
family fusses at me when I have to go but family and friends are also
patient.  I guess we can't have it all.  Hang in there and send on any
ideas others may have."

"Perhaps I can give some help by sharing what I've learned about the
acid-alkaline balance in the body.  The entire human body--except the
stomach--should ideally be alkaline.  Of course, the stomach uses acid for
digestion.  Unfortunately, the way most Americans eat is very acid
producing.  This is said to be hard on the body and to result in many
different kinds of illnesses and uncomfortable symptoms.  This basic idea,
I believe comes from a nutritional system called Food Combining.  It was
popular in the 1800's but fell out of favor as western medicine as we know
it became more favored.  My local health food store carries little 2"x3"
cards which tell which foods digest well together and which foods do not.
If you want to know more about this look for the book Fitonics by Marilyn
Diamond and Donald Schnell (the most recent I know of), or check out Fit
for Life (book one or two) by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond.  There are
die-hard food combiners who think Diamond isn't strict enough in the
combinations she allows, but I have found her advice to be perfectly fine.
Another source with more complex medical type explanations and tests you
can do at home is Dr. M. Ted Morter, Jr.  Dr. Morter has a clinic in
Arkansas where he is said to have successfully treated some very serious
illnesses.  He's published a kit with video, audio cassettes, workbook and
acid-alkaline home testing materials which was for sale and is probably
still available.  To give you the gist of food combining principles:
1)      Do not eat animal flesh at the same times a starches or fruits.  If
and when you eat any form of meat eat vegetables with it.  Especially raw
since they are more nutritious and contain enzymes that aid digestion.
2)      I'm sorry to complicate this, but Diamond says some fruits work
very well with animal flesh and I have found that to be true for me.  Most
fruits with a core, a pit, or which are citrus seem to digest perfectly
well with meat.
3)      When you eat starches, also eat them with vegetables (Diamond
claims that bananas, sweet grapes, dates, figs, raisins,  very sweet plums,
and very sweet pears go fine with starches and I agree)
4)      Very important:  don't eat heavy meals in the morning!  The ideal
in food combining is to limit yourself to fresh fruit until lunchtime.  I
usually include some soy or dairy protein since I tend to need a bit more
protein in my diet.  I often have a fruit & soy smoothie or fresh fruit
with an ounce of  hard cheese.
5)      Don't overdo it with grains--they are acid producing, too.
6)      If this all sounds a bit overwhelming and difficult to figure out
(What can I eat?) just take it one step at a time.  For example, begin with
my number 4, and then when you are used to it and feel the benefits to your
body try changing from eating meats with bread, potatoes, etc.  In fact,
even it doesn't sound difficult, do it one step at a time--your body will
thank you for going slowly because you will actually be converting it from
an acidic toxin producing bio-factory into a happy alkaline bio-factory.
If you go too fast it is very possible to get some unpleasant symptoms.
When I began this regimen in 1990 I was so exhausted and ill that I
committed to doing it for one year.  That was a big deal for me.  After
actually doing the steps for a few months I knew I'd never want to stop
because I felt SO MUCH BETTER!  No more "heavy" feeling after a meal,
greatly improved digestion, more energy.  I can't say for sure, but I
wouldn't be surprised if this was really good for the bladder, too."

"Came upon a photo-copied paper given to me earlier this year when I was
hospitalized......"Women with Interstital Cystitis (IC) are being
increasingly diagnosed with FMS........"    This article mentioned the drug
Elmiron (Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium) that is used as a Kidney and Bladder
analgesic.........and some of the symptoms mentioned here Re:
FMS...".....aching, burning, throbbing, schooting or stabbing in deep
muscle tissue, fatigue, sleep disturbances, IRRITABLE BLADDER,...etc.."

I had this problem also, but the problem wasnt only confined to night time.
 It was discovered that I have a prolapse of the bladder, this is a very
common occurence, especially in older women that have gone through
childbirth, and suffer from weak pelvic floor muscles.

"It can easily be rectified by doing an old yogic exercise.  It comprises
of on the outbreath of drawing the anus muscles up and holding onto it as
long as you can.  This should be done several times in one session, to be
repeated several times throughout the day.  This has a strengthening effect
on the pelvic floor muscles.  Hope you can find this helpful."

"I don't have an answer as of yet, but wanted to let you know I have been
dealing with same issue for almost 2 years.  In fact, your email could've
come straight out of my world.   First, I too was prescribed Detrol and
have taken it for over a year and a  half.  Never completely fixed it and
I'm convinced that it also has contributed to weight gain so I have slowly
been tapering it off and am going
to quit it.  I have also used coral calcium but haven't in a while due to
cost constraints.  It did definitely help the acidity.  In fact, I have
tested my pH balance with strips and when I was at my worst was amazingly
acidic.  Acidic foods like tomatoes, etc. affect me too.  Cokes are really,
really bad for it.  I kicked cokes and caffeine for over a year but have
recently been drinking some.  Going to quit that again. (Like a smoker, I
swear.)  At the worst, I was getting up every 1 to 2 hours at night.  Also,
for quite a while I relied on roommates to drop me off at work because I
couldn't face the extra 10 minutes it took to park and walk over to work.
And forget road trips.  I know where every bathroom is and sometimes do not
go out unless I know there's more than one bathroom available.  Even almost
had a panic attack on an airplane once.  Ugh.  Anyway, having said all
that.  I have improved somewhat lately and do believe it is partially due
to beginning to handle stress better.  For me, I think the stress is what
pushed things over the edge.  However, looking back I now
realize that for many years I have not really had "normal" bladder/kidney
functions compared to others.  My roommates can hold it FOREVER.  So
 Ha!  I think my acidity is better now, which helps but I still start
"feeling like I need to go" way before I should.  I think this is tied to
the acidity level.  But that never really explained the seemingly never ending
flow from the kidneys to the bladder.  You go, then 10 minutes later you can
go again.  So, no definite answer, but recently I found a website
www.endfatigue.com) which sold a book called From Fatigued to Fantastic by
a doctor whose name I cannot remember.  In an excerpt from the book, he mentions that people with
fybromyalgia always carry bottled water with them.  Not because they are
thirsty first, but because they urinate frequently which in turn makes them
thirsty all the time.  So rather than drinking a lot of water which makes
you pee alot, you pee alot which makes you thirsty.  (Lovely subject.)  He said
something to the effect that the hormones are off which make the kidneys
function improperly.  I have not bought the book yet so I do not have the
details.  But it just seemed to make sense.  I am planning on getting this
book and thought you might be interested in getting it also.  This doctor
apparently had/has fybromyalgia so should have better information than
others I would think.  Well, that's my input.  I apologize for the rambling and
any strange wording.    It's late and it's been a long day.  You know how
that goes.  Let me know if  this helps or if you find out any other secrets.  I would love to get back
to a semi-normal life.  Tired of dreaming of pulling a porta-potty behind my
car like the commercials."

"I too have this problem. I've been dealing with it for about 2 years now.
I've tried some of the things you listed but have still found no relief.
Hopefully someone else can help us."

"We both are together on the same boat, I suffer from fibromyalgia and
chronic fatigue too. My primary care doctor also prescribed Detrol, but in
my case it worsened my condition, so I had to stop it. The doctor
recommended to consult a urologist but I havent seen one yet.  I am
sending you some information about incontinence, which I hope it'll help in
some way. However, I think the best thing we can do is to go see a
urologist to find the cause of the incontinence and then start (with
conventional and alternative medicine) an adequate treatment.  See this
http://content.health.msn.com/content/article/3172.13055 "

"My dear friend I wish I had the perfect answer for you
since you do so much for others....My problem is much
different from yours. I have incontinence and can not
hold my urine and have had to wear a large pad for
twelve years night and day and then I still get the
urge to go in the night from one to three times....I
have had bladder surgery three times trying to help
correct the condition and each time it just got worse.
They have cut the bladder neck off so short now there
hardly isn't any.  Salt is not good for a person and I am on a salt free
diet. When I have to much my feet and ankles swell and
then I have to take lazix so I won't retain fluids and
go to my heart.  They say to drink eight glasses of
water a day and that makes one go all the more (I do
not do it)....I try to not drink much after dinner but
to often I forget."

"Have you been tested for diabetes?  Even if
you are insulin resistant, as I am, the nightly trips
to the bathroom are part of it.  IT's a nusiance for
sure!   Also, could your bladder have fallen?  Some friends of
mine have had that happen and the urge to go to the
bathroom is continuous!  Just a few ideas...hope they help---you've always
helped me!"

"Like FMS, everyone is different.  Yes, I had pain, but I kept having
Urinary tract infections for several years, which progressively got worse,
also I have vulvadynia.  Finally, antibiotics did not take care of the
problem as it had in the past.  That's when my doctor sent me to my
urologist.  But not everyone has the infections.  I also went to the ICA
Conference last year, they had doctors there to lead sessions for
FMS/CFS/IBS/Vulvadynia/Migraine Headaches --they can all be related and
play off each other, or maybe someone will only have one or two of the
problems.  I did not have the problem of getting up a lot during the night
to go to the bathroom.  I have been a "holder" since childhood.  : )  I t
seems to have paid off.  You can find much more information from the
website than I can explain--it's the best, even my doctor's staff keep up
to date from that website.  FMS/CFS are listed under "Related Diseases".
www.ichelp.com  A couple of interesting little side notes:  (1) My
urologist recently moved from an office with other urologist to an office
of his own.  He had been with them for years.  He had also moved more into
treating special bladder conditions etc.  His assistant told me 90% of the
reason for their move---other than the space just became available at the
same time--is because the other doctors and staff thought all of this was
in "women's heads".  Dr Hubbard and his staff  did not want to stay at an
office where their patients were being made fun of and laughed at,
especially if a patient would ever overhear something.  (2) The doctor
opening the ICA Conference last October had been at John Hopkins before
taking a job with the National Health Institute.  He opened the conference
with the statement, "If your doctor tells you it is all in your head -- get
another doctor."

"I have the same problems, but it seems when I am stressed I am prone to
UTI's and it gets worse.  I always drink cranberry juice daily to help out.  1/2
of cranberry juice and 1/2 of pure water one a day.  This seems to help me

"Cranberry capsules are wonderful."
"It's a fairly new procedure (from 1997) that helps those with bladder pain and frequency.  I also have interstitial cystitis.  I take Prelief (a non-prescription aid that reduces the acid in your food which irritates the bladder-it does help).  The implant is a small box that is located next to a nerve (can't think of the name of the nerve).  Anyway, it blocks messages going to your brain that tell you that you have to go to the bathroom.
The doctor said that if it helps me 50%, it would be worth putting a permanent one in.  I feel that it has helped me half of the time so I will have the permanent one.  The permanent implant has to be replaced every five to eight years.  Because the implant is so expensive ($25,000-thank goodness my insurance will cover it) they do a temporary surgery first to see if you will be helped or not.  I have a wire coming out of my very low back (if you know where I mean) that is attached to a box that I can adjust.  I feel a vibrating feeling in my pelvic floor area, but it shouldn't be too noticeable.  If it is, I can turn down the box.  I talk to the doctor every few days and she sometimes has me take off the back of the box and adjust the inner settings.  I only do these when she tells me.  The outer settings I can adjust anytime I want.  I think we finally have it at the setting that is good for me.  As I said, it doesn't work 100% of the time, but it is helping with the frequency half the time and the bladder pain is 80% better.  Yeah!  My poor husband gets to change my bandages every night.  He is such a brat-he sings "I am stuck on bandaids 'cause bandaids are stuck on me!" when he does it! (you probably remember the commercial).  But he has been a good trooper and has helped me more around the house.  I can't do any heavy lifting right now or a lot of bending and twisting.  But I figure we might as well laugh about things-it sure beats crying.  But I will be so glad to get rid of this wire and box-my wardrobe is rather limited right now.  I have to wear loose-fitting clothes."
"DDAVP tabs. is a medication that
temporarily shuts down the bladder, but it never last all night, just
until early morning.  I had a wonderful urologist, then he moved away
and I have never gotten a new one.  Don't like the choices left around
here, have already been to some of them.  If I take the Coral calcuim
maybe I can stop this medication.  The distilled water I used
because it is suppose to clean out and pass the toxins in the body
faster.  I don't trust tap water."

Thank you, readers, for sharing your suggestions!

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