What is Fibromyalgia?

I read a great description of FMS in the flyer "Beyond Fibromaylgia" by Brooks Spinal Care--
"One of the underlying causes of fibromyalgia is a change in brain chemistry from distress in the central nervous system.  People who suffer from fibromyalgia experience exaggerated pain in at least eleven of eighteen trigger points and a wide range of associated symptoms ranging from migraine headaches and tempro-mandibular joint pain to irritable bowel and PMS.  It feels like sufferers have the flu all the time with a low-grade fever and sometimes cold hands and feet.  Also included are sleep disturbances, fibro fog (a loss of mental clarity), chronic fatigue and episodes where over-activity will bring on a complete collapse that takes from days to weeks to recover.  The disease is complicated by the irritability, the depression, the anger, sadness and the feelings of being helpless and hopeless, and finally a resigned detached sense of giving up." 
For more understanding of this illness, see My Name is Fibromyalgia at http://www.fms-help.com/mnif.htm, 50 Signs of Fibromyalgia at http://www.fms-help.com/signs.htm and My FMS story at http://www.fms-help.com/fibro.htm.
There are tremendous personal and financial losses associated with having FMS/CFIDS.  Many patients are not able to work full-time, if at all.  FMS/CFIDS sufferers endure the misunderstanding and even ridicule of family, friends,  employers and co-workers, since they don't look sick and there is no definitive blood test for this illness. 
Those of us with FMS/CFIDS have also had a "CASHECTOMY"--the removal of money from our wallets by doctors, pharmacies, treatments, therapies and supplements that didn't help. Many have had a "JOBECTOMY" too--the loss of our employment because we couldn't work.  Strangely, most of us with FMS/CFIDS were once the "movers and shakers" in our communities and in our careers.  We tend to be Type A personalities, articulate, intelligent and responsible.  I have wondered if there is a "designer virus" targeting this type of individual--or that mycoplasma infection may be involved.  See http://www.fms-help.com/mycoplasma.htm for more details.
On May 1, 2005 thousands of FMS/CFIDS sufferers participated in the Million Letter Campaign http://www.fms-help.com/letter.htm. It was our best hope for AWARENESS of this illness in our society.  Response to the campaign was minimal, despite cartfuls of letters that were sent to media and government. Although FMS/CFIDS has been at epidemic proportions around the world for years, we are no closer to understanding this illness with many doctors even denying it exists!

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