Many years ago, my sister-in-law who has a Ph.D. in virology, told me that all of my symptoms were coming from the hypothalamus gland in the brain!  This didn't mean anything to me at the time.  Now, all these years later, FMS/CFIDS research is beginning to focus on the role of the hypothalamus.  (My sister in law is a very smart lady!)  The information below was send to me by a reader.  If you find it as intriguing as I did, check out www.reverse-therapy.com for more discussion.  I quote now from their site:

What Causes M.E., Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia?
The condition is caused by what we call ‘Hypothalamitis’ – over-activation of the Hypothalamus area in the Central Nervous System.
The Hypothalamus is situated in the mid-brain, from which place it controls practically every organ in the body, mainly through the Endocrine system. In particular, it influences the Sympathetic Nervous System (ANS) and the Immune System, where most of the symptoms of ‘Hypothalamitis’ arise. In all, the Hypothalamus controls energy levels, the sleep cycle, muscular function, circulation, temperature, the gut and defense against infection.
The key function of the Hypothalamus is to coordinate the actions of the Nervous system, the Muscles, the Gut and the Immune system, along with the body's energy reserves, so that a balance can be maintained. In this way we can go to a state of vigilance in challenging situations, returning to repose when the crisis is over. Or we can fight infections and then return to a recuperation phase. Similarly, energy levels can rise in order to cope with required activities, falling again as we prepare for rest and sleep.
The basic problem in ‘Hypothalamitis’ is that this delicate balancing act is lost due to Bodymind’s realization that the person is at sustained risk of harm.
If external pressures go on too long then Bodymind, working through the Emotional brain, or Limbic system, creates a ‘chemical memory’ about the threat. Each time situations come up that are associated with the problem the chemical memory is activated and the Hypothalamus places the body on ‘action stations’ and send symptoms to warn the person that s/he is under threat. If pressures continue, the Hypothalamus goes into runaway, chronically overworking the body to remain on red alert, and sending escalating symptoms to warn of the problem.
When the Hypothalamus wishes to activate an ‘alert’ reaction it secretes Corticotrophin Release Hormone (CRH) to the Pituitary. The Pituitary, in turn, releases Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone (ACTH) to the Adrenal Glands which then produce a series of hormones which initially stimulate the Sympathetic Nervous system, the Immune system and increase energy levels. However, under constant over-stimulation from the Hypothalamus hormone production starts to falter and the result is (a reversible) ‘Adrenal burnout.’
Sufferers can experience muscle pain/weakness, fatigue, headaches, swollen glands, poor concentration and memory because the Hypothalamus triggers the release of chemicals that tense the muscles, shut down attention, exhaust the energy supply, increase lymphatic fluid and alter blood flow to different areas of the brain. A dysfunctional Hypothalamus ceases to respond appropriately to feedback from the body regarding its exhausted state. Instead it continues to flood the body with hormones that stoke up the symptoms until problems are resolved.
Failure by the Adrenal glands to produce adequate Cortisol (which suppresses the Immune system) is then picked up by the Hypothalamus, which assumes that the organism is in still more danger, causing it to overwork still more, until Immune system and Sympathetic Nervous system up-regulation becomes chronic.
While this over-activation continues Bodymind is constantly signaling, through the symptoms, that action is still required in order to restore a balanced exchange between the internal and external environment. ‘Hypothalamitis’. To this extent it still awaits action on ‘the message of the symptom.’ To resolve this issue is the central task of Reverse Therapy.  See http://www.reverse-therapy.com.

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