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100,000 people die from prescription drugs every year--and those are just the REPORTED deaths!  Doctors prescribe a lot of different drugs for people with FMS/CFIDS in an effort to alleviate the distressing symptoms, but without addressing the basic cause of this disorder which at this point is unknown.  (I think that mycoplasma infection--mutated viruses--may have something to do with it.  When the body is overly stressed, the immune system can't cope and suddenly something else gets in control of the immune function--my guess is that it's the dirty work of mycoplasmas. From there the endocrine system is affected and health begins to decline.)

Pharmaceutical drugs have serious side effects and harmful interactions with other drugs.  Four women I know of had to undergo psychiatric detox due to complications they encountered with prescription drugs.  Each woman was on an average of 28 different drugs  prescribed by their doctors for legitimate health complaints. Then their systems crashed!  Detoxing in a psychiatric unit is not something any one of us wants to experience, as these 4 ladies did.  From what I was told, it's horrifying as the body and mind undergoes numerous chemical changes.  After a few weeks when your body finally clears itself of toxic drugs, the doctors then prescribe only what is necessary--usually 4 or 5 meds. 

If nutritional products hurt as many people as pharmaceutical drugs do, they would be banned!  Right now, due to FTC and FDA regulations, nutritional companies are not allowed to mention their product in connection with helping any disease condition (including the word "pain"), so it is hard for people to know what nutritional supplements to use for their ailments.  Drug companies are losing a lot of money to the supplement companies, as people continue to search for safer, more natural ways of dealing with health problems.  

Check your meds for dangerous interactions:  

Here's what I'm using to have a more functional life:

100 Tips for Coping with Fibromyalgia & Insomnia

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