I wanted to share an intriguing article that a newsletter reader sent me--
from the Consumer Health Organization of Canada and may explain why FMS/CFIDS is so prevalent today. 

The article states that mycoplasmas were a government experiment as part of biowarfare research.  This disease agent is not a bacteria nor a virus, but was made from brucellosis bacteria.  You can read the entire fascinating article at:

"The Linking Pathogen in Neuro-Systemic Diseases: Chronic Fatigue,
Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis."

According to the article above, these mycoplasmas destroy areas of the brain.  My sister-in-law who is a Ph.D. virologist told me many years ago that all my FMS problems appear to be hypothalamus-related.  I have since read articles by researchers who agree with this! 

Since 1996, I've heard from people all around the world--not just in the U.S.
who have FMS/CFIDS and other strange ailments that just don't respond to any medication or other interventions.  I have often wondered why all these illnesses have come upon mankind in the past 40-50 years, and this article on mycoplasmas just might shed some light on this subject! 


Drs. Garth and Nancy Nicolson's site, The Institute for Molecular
Medicine.  Their daughter came back from the Gulf War with GW Syndrome, they subsequently contracted it, and eventually figured out mycoplasmas' role in
GWS and treated her and themselves.  
 Hard to navigate at first, but has lots of info via the menus on the bottom of the page.

Here are FAQs and some of the Nicholsons'

A recent article by Dr. Kent Holtorf suggesting CFS/FM are caused by
"hypothalamic, pituitary, immune and coagulation dysfunction":
Also scroll down to the end of this page for related articles.

A November 2002 article by Gabe Mirkin, MD, on mycoplasmas and his unabashed use of antibiotics:  He says,
"Doxycycline achieves much higher tissue concentrations than tetracycline,
while minocycline penetrates tissue far more effectively than doxycycline."

I recently met a patient with FMS/CFIDS who stated that she was 90% improved in 3 weeks since taking Valtrex, an anti-viral medication.   I have also met people who tried anti-viral drugs from their doctors and they were NOT helped.  Dr. Dantini believes that FMS/CFIDS is caused by a virus.  See his site at  (If the cause of FMS/CFIDS is viral, I can understand why the immune balancing product I have used for the past 3 years has been so helpful for me.  Write me at if you want more info.)  Hopefully more research will be done and the cause and cure for this illness finally pinned down!  No!  It's NOT "all in our head!"  See my 100 TIPS FOR COPING WITH FIBROMYALGIA AND INSOMNIA at   The site also contains my personal story and articles of support and inspiration for people struggling with FMS/CFIDS. 
No one understands what it's like to have FMS/CFIDS except those who have it!  Please join the MILLION LETTER CAMPAIGN on May 1, 2005.  See for details on this important event that we can ALL participate in!  We are hoping for NATIONAL ATTENTION!

From author, Marjorie Tietjen--
Every single symptom you mentioned can be attributed to either Lyme disease and or mycoplasma. I have written several articles on this subject. If you are interested here are the links--

What Chronic Disease Have You Been Labeled With?

Lyme Disease - Misdiagnoses And Medical Dictatorship

The Disabling Of A Nation

More about mycoplasmas possibly causing FMS/CFIDS...
There was an article in my Dec. 2002 newsletter quoted from the Florida Times Union (Jacksonville, FL) newspaper.  The Associated Press article was from Oct. 10, 2002.The title was "Some not informed on chemical tests" and says (in a nutshell) that the Pentagon acknowledged secret experiments conducted in 5 states from Alaska to Florida.  Thousands of civilians in Hawaii and Alaska were sprayed with a relatively mild baceria meant to simulate germ weapons such as anthrax.  This was from the Defense Department's top official.  It goes on to tell more about it.  Very alarming.  Also, I was surprised to find out about SV40 virus that contaminated the Jonas Salk polio vaccine which was given by sugar cube to 98 million Americans between 1955-1963.  The government knew about it during the last 2 years of distribution and allowed it anyway due to pressure from the pharmaceutical company that had stockpiled the vaccine.  It has a 30 year incubation period and causes all kinds of cancers.  Sadly, it is also passed on to the next generation, and we are seeing many childhood cancers now also.  Another case that comes to mind was the government experiment in the South on black men who had syphilis.  My husband and I saw this on TV last year.  They tested positive by the health dept? but were not told of the outcome of the test, so that the govt. could see what happened to them if not treated.  These are the things I know about.  There are people who know much more, so I keep my eyes and ears open to more news.  The bottom line is that our immune systems are under attack from a variety of sources.  This is one reason why it is important to support and balance the immune system. If you want more information, please write me at

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