Essential oils help me with rest, relaxation, fibro fog, sleep, infection, etc. Essential oils are NOT OILY - they are extracted plant liquids with electrical frequencies. They affect the limbic portion of the brain through the olfactory (sense of smell) system. Using these "oils" helps me feel normal again. Below is a letter I wrote when I first realized what therapeutic grade essential oils could do. - Dominie

MY LETTER - August 3, 2006

Dear Fibro Friends,

Something amazing happened last night that I just have to tell you about!!!! 

First, I had a terrible day yesterday due to extreme fibro fog - I felt like a vise was squeezing my head - I could barely function and 600 mg of Ibuprofen did nothing to help the situation.  I finished teaching my piano students, came home, cancelled playing the piano for church last night, and went to lie down with my black eye mask on and ear plugs.  I had to shut out all incoming signals of any kind--too much stimuli.  I had been in utter, debilitating misery all day and trying to was awful! 

Anyway, while I was lying there, I remembered that I had some essential oil drops in a bottle in my nightstand.  I usually use them if I get really emotionally upset about something and they would calm me down.  For some reason, I got the bottle out and put a few drops on my palms and began sniffing it.  Within 5-10 minutes, I was as good as new!  I jumped up, got my husband some coffee, and told him I could have gone to church if I had done this an hour before!  I felt fine.

The little I know about aromatherapy is this:  the olfactory (sense of smell) system is connected to the limbic portion of the brain (where the hypothalamus and other regulatory glands are).  By deeply inhaling certain frequencies of the oils, it can affect brain function.

I am so happy to have discovered all this. I couldn't wait to share this with my fibro friends!  I hope it is helpful for someone. Don't be fooled by "recreational fragrances." Buy only therapeutic grade essential oils from a reputable company. Visit Dom's Essential Oils Store.


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