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Dear Fibro Friends - I've been experimenting with essential oils since 2002 to deal with a myriad of annoying and debilitating problems related to my FMS/CFIDS condition, which I've had since 1982. There is no known "cure" for this disorder, but I have found many essential oils that help me cope and be more functional from day to day.  You use them in 3 different ways:  apply topically, inhale fragrance, or ingest (put a drop in a glass of water or in food).  These are THERAPEUTIC GRADE essential oils - not recreational perfumes!  Scroll down to read my personal favorites! - Dominie

Essential Oils work differently from any other natural substance.

Their unique features are that they:

This is why one essential oil can do so many different things for you all at once--physically, emotionally, and mentally--with just a few drops in the air or on your skin.

Here's a picture of how the aroma of essential oils affects us:

The olfactory bulb carries molecules and impulses into the brain area where our emotional memory is stored.

Scent stimulates nerves to fire in the emotional center of the brain, but it also stimulates the master gland to release hormones. Hormones affect the fight/flight response, as well as digestion and heart rate. In this way, essential oils can affect us in many ways all at once, just through their fragrance.

But essential oils also have a complex chemical structure, designed and produced by nature, which makes the use of essential oils uniquely economical! For example, when lavender oil is applied to a wound, over sore muscles, a broken bone, or a burn, it can support the body's natural self-healing processes in all those areas. Or it might stimulate the immune system or balance blood pressure, or relieve a tension headache, or help you go to sleep.

And finally, essential oils can affect us just through their subtle energy. They have a presence that touches us deeply, and can change our feelings and our thoughts in an instant. This you have to experience to believe!

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Below are some essential oils that I use and love!  Visit Dom's Oils Store at (Sponsor: Dominie Bush, #905788) and learn how essential oils work!

Peace and Calming (revives my brain, relieves brain fog, calms me)

Joy (for depression)

Lavender (for relaxation and also skin situations)

Valor (chest tightness)

Melrose (can make a breakout disappear overnight! - helps cuts, burns, scrapes or rashes)

V-6 mixing oil (great stuff! - helps to spread out essential oils, or you can make a custom-blended, scented massage oil)

Peppermint (so many uses! - clear a stuffy nose, apply to cold sores, apply to navel area for relief of indigestion, put a drop into hot chocolate or water for a refreshing, tummy-settling drink)

Thieves (supports the immune system)

RC (for upper respiratory distress - and even relief of feminine itch)

Gathering (helps heal skin)

Di-Gize (has rescued me from severe nausea on several occasions - apply a few drops to the navel area or put a drop in water and drink)

Relieve-It (topical pain relief)

THE ESSENTIAL 7 KIT is the absolute BEST STARTING PLACE because you can experiment with 7 of the most popular oils: Peace & Calming, Panaway, Purification, Joy, Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon

Genesis Hand and Body Lotion (extremely rich moisturizing cream - healed places on my arms that had not healed in years!)

Essential Beauty Serum for Acne-Prone Skin (marvelous stuff! - cleans out the pores and I think my pores are shrinking too.  There are 2 other formulas for other skin types as well.)

Cinnamint Lip Balm (heal and soothe dry or chapped lips)

Omega Blue - Omega 3 fish oil capsules - helps me with depression.

Alkalime - I use this on an as-needed basis when I become too acidic.

Thieves Household Cleaner (environmentally safe cleaner - THE BEST!!!.....worth every penny....makes a LOT of cleaner!  My kitchen shines now - and no dangerous chemicals!)

 Visit essential oil testimonials - click SEARCH and type in your problem (physical, mental or emotional) to find out how others are using therapeutic grade essential oils.  Essential oils work on the limbic portion of the brain.  I use essential oils every day, throughout the day!  Many are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.  They help me stay as functional as possible.  The best starting place is the Essential 7 Kit to experiment with 7 of the most popular oils!  I ordered the Essential 7 Kit in 2002 at the urging of a friend, and I am so glad that I did!  Each of these oils has been useful to me! 

Please write if you have questions about the oils, and I will be happy to try to answer them.  I am still learning (ever-learning), but will be glad to share what I know.

Your fibro friend,

Dominie Bush
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