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My fibromyalgia pain was awful during the first 14 years. My fibro story is at  Below are some things that helped me get relief. I am virtually pain free today, although I still have other aspects of this illness, such as needing sleep meds (see my insomnia story at, having to micro-manage my stress levels, and requiring powerful nutritional supplements to avoid debilitating fatigue.  If you have questions about the information below, you can write me at

OPC's - powerful antioxidants that heal free radical damage.  I have used 3 different brands, but only one works for me.  Years ago when I first discovered this, I hesitantly mentioned it to my doctor, thinking he would scoff at me.  Instead he shocked me by saying, "I have been going to doctors' seminars, and we've been hearing that powerful antioxidants can clear up fibromyalgia."
Magnesium - this mineral can help stiff muscles relax
Pain relieving gel - non-greasy - great stuff!
Avoid or eliminate sugar - many people with fibro are "fructose intolerant" - see my 100 Tips for Coping at 
Essential oil blend for pain relief - massage a few drops on sore spots (it does have a "smell" to it though)
Alkalizing powder - becoming more healthily alkaline can reduce pain.  An overly acidic pH balance causes disease and pain!
Avoid aspartame (Nutrasweet) - some people with chronic pain can find relief by eliminating this artificial sweetener and other excitotoxins from their diet - see
Glucosamine - a specific brand of glucosamine helped me tremendously with pain, when taken with an immune balancing shake.
Avoid caffeine - sodas, coffee, etc.  Besides rev-ving up and unbalancing our already malfunctioning nervous systems, these substances make your pH more acidic.
Don't smoke - this creates even more free radical damage in the body.  I don't smoke and am glad I never started!  As puny as I am, it would probably be the death of me!

100 Tips for Coping with Fibromyalgia & Insomnia

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