Poem by newsletter reader, Carolyn White carolwhitern@gmail.com--

 Trying to do my best as a mother and a wife

But this Fibromyalgia Monster has taken over my life


This thorn in my flesh Lord, How can I explain?

I get up every morning though my body is in pain


Itís like a Horrible Flu that just wonít go away

You pray for it to leave you but itís with you everyday


The energyís been sucked out, weakness never goes

Nerves feel inflamed from my head down to my toes


Arms burn like fire and what a sinus headache

I feel like Iím 100 but you say I look athletic


Now sensitive to medicines, chemicals and mold

Legs numb and tingling and Why do I feel cold?


Get worse from the heat till about September

My brain is in a Fog, and thereís words I canít remember


Spasms in my back, my breathing isnít right

My bed feels like nails as I lye awake at night


My muscles scream in agony. Oh my gosh donít touch!

I take my herbs and medicines but they donít help too much


My immune systems weakened, it seems on overdrive

My vision wonít stay focused and I often stay inside


Lights are too bright, noises are too loud

Unfortunately Iíll get sick again standing in this crowd


Some doctors say ďItís all in your headĒ or ďOh, Youíre just depressedĒ

ďYour fine, just take these crazy pills and get a little restĒ


Yes I get down sometimes, upset and so would you

If a truck had just ran over you youíd feel the same way too


The attack of my brain is from infection Iíll bet

This is a neuro immune disease but some donít know it yet


Trying to do my best as a mother and a wife

But this Fibromyalgia Monster has taken over my life.


                                            Carolyn White carolwhitern@gmail.com


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