(sent in by a reader)
I tremble.........
why can't I pour myself a glass of milk?
a simple task
..............................but yet
it feels like I am moving mountains
after several attempts
and making a mess of things
I give up..........
a simple task
I walk.........
just a few steps to the bathroom exhaust me
I sit there for 20 minutes to
my body aches and is exhausted
just to walk these few steps
a simple task
I plan the day out
I am going to clean
invite a friend over for coffee
cook supper
who am I kidding....
such simple tasks
washing my hair and bathing is a full day for me
cleaning the bathroom never gets done
I have to stop in the middle
and recuperate
a simple task
Dear Lord
when will I see the sun again
the wind against my back
birds flying in formation
I could take a walk
but who would help me
when I am so weak I cant get up
how will I get back home?
a simple task
I think I will lie down and rest a bit
just the fantasies of being normal
wear me out
maybe tomorrow I can do just one
simple task


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