A newsletter reader wrote this poem in 2006.  Used by permission.

by Anne B. Parker

Look at me I look normal

As far as your eyes can see

But hidden beyond my smile

Chronic illness brings me to my knees


I go about my everyday

With a prayer upon my heart

And pray for everything I do

That this ďbrain fogĒ will depart


I ask Him for strength that I might cope

Then I pray for peace of mind

I search within my soul

For someone who is kind


When I lay down to rest at night

I pray Heíll help me sleep

Tuck me in and kiss my head

That I will not weep


With each new day comes the pain

Only my physical body knows

Fibro is no respecter of people

It latches on and there it grows


You canít just share with anyone

They just donít understand

Take it to the Lord in prayer

And He will help you stand


One day at a time is what you do

And rest whenever you need

Then if it goes undone

Tomorrow youíll plant another seed


Itís not something easily dealt with

Nor are doctors easy to find

Sometimes they brush you off

Making you think youíve lost your mind


But then life goes on and you keep trying

And send up another prayer

With tears you feel so broken

Like thereís no one to really care


You never give up for your strength is in God

Every step that you take, down each road you trod

Through the briars and brambles, the dark domain

God Almighty, He doth reign


There are those of us who identify

And know what it takes to get through

The power of God is awesome

And Heís there for me and you


Written by: Anne B. Parker


Copyright 2006


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