Anxiety and stress are issues I've dealt with all of my life.  I picked up this great little book at a yard sale recently: "Help Me I'm Stressed" by Joyce Meyer.  What an eye-opener about how to prevent and manage stress!  (Now that I know HOW to do this, will I actually implement it??  I sure need to change my ways!)  This subject is soooo important to me as a fibromite!  Joyce actually sounds a little like me (driven, hard-working, Type A personality)....it was as though she understood the way I think, the way I push myself to accomplish things, and how I mis-manage stress in my life.  She even talks about hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal involvement (HPA axis).   I am re-reading the book to be sure it sinks in.  (Saw some used  copies on amazon and ebay.)  Other helpful books from this author are: "Help Me I'm Married" (read many years ago) and "Help Me I'm Worried" (reading now). 
Comments from readers--
Reader 1--
"I love Joyce Meyer and watch her every week day. 
Her best book, in my opinion, was "Battlefield of the Mind." 
You can read it a hundred times and still get so much out of it."
Reader 2--
"Joyce is one of my favorites and I watch her on TV all the time!! She is so funny too!!
Her all time best book (I think anyway) is "Battlefield Of The Mind!"
Reader 3--
"I love Joyce Meyer, when I can I listen to her TV show -
she is very funny in her sermons but at the same time she has a good message."
FROM DOM:  Stress is our #1 ENEMY as a fibromite.  See my 100 Tips for Coping at www.fms-help.com/tips.htm (Tip #1).  Anything we can do to prevent or reduce stress in our lives is helpful.
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