I read a story in our local (Jacksonville, Florida) newspaper a few years ago about two women with FMS/CFIDS who visited Dr. Kervorkian for "help" with assisted suicide.  That news hit me like a ton of bricks....I felt sick to my stomach at the finality of their decision!  However, having "entertained" (don't do this!) suicidal thoughts at various times during my past 27 years with FMS, I could understand the frame of mind they may have been in and why they had given up hope.  I just wish these ladies had come across some encouraging information or ideas to try, such as are abundant now on the net and at my site www.fms-help.com.

I later heard about two more women with this illness who were also "helped" by Dr. K.   If you are contemplating suicide, please (PLEASE!!!) read www.metanoia.org/suicide.  I understand the immense pain and suffering caused by FMS/CFIDS--my own story is at www.fms-help.com/fibro.htm   I have experienced the physical torment, as well as the emotional pain of rejection and misunderstanding of family and friends, been through financial and social ruin, and suffered severe biochemical depression--a result of my immune system being so out of balance. 

The articles and helps on my site at www.fms-help.com are there for you 24 hours a day!!  Plus, you have a huge online fibro community standing by you!  There are fibromyalgia support and chat groups online with compassionate, "listening ears" at any hour of the day or night, so you can "reach out and touch someone!"  You may even be able to find an FMS support group in your area.  

When the pain (emotional or physical) is so great that you don't think you can't handle it anymore, lean on God and on others who truly care and understand.  If you need comfort and compassion right now, I encourage you to visit a page at Rest Ministries www.restministries.org/articles/art-speedupheaven.htm .

I'm thankful for the internet which enables those of us with fibromyalgia to join together in caring, compassion, support and knowledge. You are not alone....

Faithfully yours,


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