Click here for information about the helpful supplements listed below.  (Clicking will open a new window in your browser, but you can return to this page "Highest Quality Supplements" by clicking on the window that is already open.) Sorry I can't mention brand names on this site. If you can't find them using the search box, please write dombush@bellsouth.net and I can assist you.
Powerful antioxidants - helped me become pain free in 1996 after 14 years of suffering severe fibro pain - helps unclump red blood cells so they can transport oxygen around the body and to the brain more efficiently.
Stress Tablets - helps when your nerves are frazzled - helps nervous frustration and irritability.
Nutritional powder - Fibromites are known to be deficient in many nutrients.  This all-in-one powder contains vitamins, minerals, probiotics, plus soluble fiber!
Multi-vitamin/Mineral Formula - If you don't like powders, try this instead.
Calcium-Magnesium - helps nerves and muscles
Omega 3's - helps me with depression
DNA protector & Immune booster - I began using this fascinating product a month ago, following the discovery of the XMRV retrovirus in CFS patients.
Colloidal Silver - This natural antibiotic has been a staple in my medical cabinet for many years and has saved me many trips to the doctor.
Joints - I was able to stop taking a dangerous prescription drug for osteoarthritis pain in my hand when I began using this supplement.
Protein Shakes - Taste great!
Vitamin C - Taking this simple supplement can help avoid many problems.
Weight - They also have products for weight loss.
Click here to learn more about these superior supplements. (Clicking on this link will open a new window in your browser.)   I have been using supplements from this company for many years and have personally visited their manufacturing facility - it is FIRST CLASS and STATE OF THE ART.  There are no finer supplements available anywhere.  The products you receive on your doorstep are FRESH and POTENTThey haven't been sitting on store shelves for weeks, months or even years.  These formulations contain a unique phytozyme (plant) base (proprietary formula) that helps them be so effective that YOU CAN FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!

Dominie Bush




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