"Thank you for your website  What a breath of fresh air."

"I found your website filled with excellent information on FMS.  I have had the disease for 4 years and am learning how to make the best life that I can given the limitations."
"I am really enjoying reading the newsletters.  I feel optimistic."

"Your newsletter has been a lifesaver for me, and I thank you."

"Someone I love has fibromyalgia, and it's causing strain in the family."

"Can't thank you enough for the regular newsletters."

"It did help to read your page.  I've given up with doctors and everyone forgets I'm trapped in a living hell [with fibromyalgia] because I look great each day with my makeup on as usual and my sense of humor which makes everyone laugh."

"Thank you for your hard work and inspiring, helpful newsletter.  May God give us all faith, courage and perseverance in the coming New Year... I'm pretty sure we're going to need it!!"
"I found your site - absolutely amazing."

"Thank you, thank are one of God's Angels and your support has been so meaningful to me when family and friends turn away or just don't understand."

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"Your information is AMAZING."

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"Thank you very much for your dedication to producing your newsletter.  It is a labor of love and much appreciated by me and all your readers.  I have had FMS for 12 years and still find articles of interest to me."

"Thank you for all you do to help the rest of us.. Some of us are so tired and in pain, confused by what is going on with all that is happening to us that we can even think straight - so thank you for helping us."
"It is so nice to be on your mailing list and receive your inspiring words."
"Thanks for all your info and a great website."
"I made a folder for your emails back in 2006. I refer back to this folder often. Thanks so much for all the info you send!"
"No, not too many emails!  Keep them coming.  I like your emails/newsletters!  In 2009 I finally got my disability benefit for my CFS."
"Thank you so much for your amazing website!  You inspire me to rise above the crippling consequences of chronic illness. What better way than to listen to a person who KNOWS!  One that ‘has been there, done that.'"
"I SAVE your emails and pore over them again and again. I know God led me straight to 'happening' upon you one night several months ago, and boy am I glad. Somehow your emails make me feel like there's a safety net under me. Thanks forevermore."
"Of all 8 years of suffering from CFS, I have received more help from your email and site than any other Dr. I've gone to all these years!"
"Thanks so much for your newsletter and what it means to all of us suffering from the 'horrible nightmare' of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and any other chronic illness."
"Your website is great, as a diagnosed 20 years ago FMS sufferer, I look forward to learning more all the time."

"I've been getting the newsletters for years and appreciate them very much.  Bless you for the valuable work that you do."

"So glad that you are holding your own. You are so dedicated to your fellow fibromites."

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I found your site about a year ago and I just wanted to shout 'Eureka!'"
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"Reading up on the internet is helpful but scary 'cause you do not know what to believe. I find your site honest and true…thanks for taking the time."
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"What you have provided for myself and countless other readers, those who either suffer with CFIDS/Fibro or, like myself, care for someone whose immune system no longer functions like that of a healthy individual, cannot be measured in anything tangible."
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"Great info and positive, clear, and hopeful style."
"I was reading your website for information on fibromyalgia. It was great support."
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"Your newsletter is such a blessing I've learned a lot (sometimes I think more than from my doctors)."
"I have recently been told I have Fibromyalgia. I now am scared because I cannot understand this illness. I am so cold at times and hot at other times. I am extremely weak.  I cannot sleep but a couple of hours if any at a time."
"I have not been officially diagnosed with FMS but the doctors have not been able to find out what is wrong with me.  From what I read on fibromyalgia, I feel like I am reading about myself."
"Thank you for your invaluable information, very precious indeed!"
"I just read your story and cried.  I have terrible pain and unbelievable fatigue."
"Thanks for your newsletter. I find it so helpful and informative."
"I ran across your site while searching the web for Alternative Solutions for Fatigue in Fibromyalgia Patients.  After viewing so many sites of.... well frankly... lesser quality, I was pleased to land on your front door!"
"Thank you so much for your newsletters.  You are supporting so many people round the world with your understanding and empathy of this "life taking" condition."
"It's nice to read about, or at least feel connected to someone, that has identical symptoms that I am currently experiencing now.  I might not be able to have the energy to get out of the house soon.  I have a child who needs me."
"I have to let you know right off the top..what finding your site has done for me. I have been in tears ever-since I started reading over your glorious information to even now I am having problems seeing the letters on my keyboard..because of the tears..the tears that feel wonderful to release for it has been along time coming. So I have to let you know first and foremost thank you, thank you and thank you for spending your days informing, making aware, comforting and allowing us with have a place to go to where we all can relate with compassion and receive exceptional educational awareness that we oh so need. know your stuff..I wish that I could have came across your site years ago. But everything happens for a reason and I am just so most thankful to be linked up to you now. I have suffered from this awful syndrome over 10 years now and suffered I have. Thank God that I finally found a doctor that found out what has been debilitating me for years now. I believe it took her a whole 20 mins. to give me a diagnose. LOL..Amazing! But I will not go into all that I have been through today for my main reason for this first letter is to THANK YOU and I do. May God Bless You!!!"

"I wanted you to know that your page probably saved my marriage today. Thank you very much for taking the time to post those....the wisdom helped me today."

"All this work you have done is nothing but amazing.  I am sorry you had to suffer so terribly.  Because you are a 'pioneer' of fibro, you must have been afraid and lonely"

"Your struggle with fibro has helped many others, due to God and your initiative to change people's lives."

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"I like that the categories are alphabetized  That is much more organized and easier to access.  Thanks for making the change."

"I have been an avid reader of your newsletters for years. I have to tell you this newsletter has to be one of your best!!"

"The biggest messages I get from your newsletters are: 1) loving God and putting my faith there, 2) recognizing and trying to combat my  perfectionism, 3) Being easy and understanding on myself for having this disease, and 4) Finding what works for me in terms of working with MD, herbs, vitamins, etc.  One day at a time."

"Thank you for all the work you do for your newsletter."

"Blessings to you and your family and thank you for all the work you do educating us fibromites and CFIDS sufferers."

"I can't thank you enough for your wonderful website  I came across it by accident, and I am so glad that I did. Please, keep it up! You will probably never know how many people you are helping."
"It really does make a difference in knowing that I'm NOT alone, especially on the days that my husband / kids / rest of the world can't relate to my illness (well, she's not bleeding, so she must be OK)."
"I lost everything including Ph.D professional career... to this condition. To be treated like a malingerer with a bad attitude while feeling like this is as devastating as the pain and loss."

"Just a quick look through your website and I'm hooked!!  Finally! Someone who understands!!  I'm so tired of the docs not doing anything for me! Thank you thank you thank you!!"
"I love your newsletter......keep it up!!"
"Your website is wonderful and reading various articles and comments from others also boosts the morale.  Unless you have this illness, you just can't imagine what it does to you (and your life)."
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"You are becoming a guru for so many of us.  I thank God for you."
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"Discovering your website few years ago, after CFIDS robbed my beautiful daughter of her health, has meant more to me than words can explain."
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"I read all your newsletters (well, most of them) and have picked up quite a bit of information to use and learn from.  I feel a strong kinship to you, and of course, it always helps to hear from someone who knows what you are going through."

"Thanks, as always, for your comprehensive newsletter and your compassion for those of us with FM/CFS."
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"I was reading and was very touched by your story.  It explained everything that I'm going through. I'm 35 and I'm just ready to die at times."

"Your website has been such a blessing to me."

"Thank you for your professional in-depth research."

"I found you on the internet, and want you to know that out of all the sites, yours is most attractive to me."

 "I am so thankful you do these newsletters, they always help me, and I always learn something new."

“Thanks for providing hope to those of us in a very dark place.  The situation one is placed in with this malady is essentially inexplicable to those who do not have direct association with someone stricken with it.  A simple dinner invitation produces a great dilemma in that accepting for any date beyond today is not possible as I have no way to predict if that will be a good or bad day for me.” 

"Thank you for your newsletter.  It is always a comfort to me."

"I am enjoying reading your website.  Thank you for giving the public more information."

 "Your newsletter has been important to my continued improvement in my quest to overcome this illness we call Fibro.  Your positive outlook on life in general has encouraged me to push on.  I thank you with all my heart!"

"Thank you for your site - there is so much information."

"Your newsletters always come at just the right now...a bad sleeping night for me...I look forward to reading all your tidbits of very important info. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

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"I enjoy all of your newsletters and have learned so much from them."
"I came across your website on fibromyalgia tips today.  Thank you for sharing all your info.  I have suffered for years with fibro and other things and it only seems to of gotten worse so your tips will be very useful."
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"I look forward to your newsletters, and some days I don't know what I'd do without them!"

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"You supply a lot of hope and keep me going!!"

"I received your newsletter and it was great. I have learned a lot."

"Thank you so much for having this web site that is available to us!!  It really helps knowing that it's not in my head and that I am not alone in this battle."

"You should write a book. I would buy it!!!"

"I'm distressed because I think my teenage daughter might have fibro as well  as me.  I'm devastated that I might have passed this on to her."
"Your website is remarkable, and I am amazed that in the time that I suffered and searched for support groups, that I did not run across your site or someone that knew of it.

"I am still going through your newsletter.  There are so many sources and the collection of articles and recommendations made by you and others is a wonderful find."

 "I'm so thankful to have your website as a reference."

"Thanks so much for all of your great information."

"Thank you sooooo much for your wonderful website  I just discovered it!  I have been a FMS sufferer for about 10 years, and it still is a battle everyday.  I look forward to reading all the information that I printed off of your website after I get home from work this evening, while I am sitting in my chair!"
"Thank you for your web site.  Please keep it going - it has really helped me."
"Your newsletter continues to be interesting and fascinating."
"We continue to read all of your newsletters. You are always in our hearts! Because of your unwavering support, no matter how poorly you have felt, we continue to consider ourselves blessed. Without you, I don't know how we would have made it through the past terrible years!"
"Your newsletters have been helping me as they help many others who suffer from this tragic disease."
"When I first started looking for help online (I was diagnosed in 1996) it was impossible to find groups or individuals to share with.  Then when I did find some, they were so UP and DOING things like holding full time jobs.  I asked a few of them how on earth they did that, and the answers varied, yet were basically the same;  some had a complete protocol they followed and swore by (and NONE of them worked for me) – others   “just  got a stiff upper lip and toughed it out” (I never did understand how they did THAT) – and the more people I “met”, the more I felt as though perhaps I WAS lazy and I WAS milking it.  There was NOBODY who was a bad as I was.  I LIVED in bed and hospitals.  I CRAWLED to the bathroom and lost my friends over the years.  Family, too.  I was praying – instead that God use me to  be a LIGHT – for God to take my life.  And then I met some others that were fighting the same way I was….and you were one of them.  I am amazed at how much you have achieved.   And to put out a  newsletter is something I could never do.  I am grateful God has given you the mercy needed to have such a HELP for the rest of us…and a place to MEET and SHARE.  Thank you!"

"Your website has been a wealth of information for me and I am beginning many of the things on your 100’s list to see if any help me."
 "Thank you for your commitment to keep us all informed!  Your info is amazing."
"I appreciate your site so much.  I have tried to work for the last 6 years with chronic fatigue and am just getting worse and worse."
"I have been suffering with fibromyalgia. I have tried just about every medication on the market. I prayed this morning for guidance as I began searching again and came upon your website.  What a blessing.  I am feeling worthless and guilty for letting my family down."
"I found your Emergency Marriage Manual I’m so happy with it, not only for myself but because I can use it also in my work as a medical doctor when counseling married women. It was a real surprise to read it!"
"I stumbled upon your website while doing a bit of research on my fibro and insomnia. It has been a very debilitating thing for me.  I have ridden the horrible roller coaster that we all seem to ride. I've dealt with unbelieving family and friends, battled with unknowlegable doctors, and finally just resigned myself to live with it  I am inspired by your story"
"I am reading your web site  Thank you soooooooo much for all this information.  I'm hoping my running into your site was from guidance above because I've sure been asking."
"I am 21.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 2 years ago after several years of not knowing what was causing my pain. After graduating at the end of last year, I soon realized after 2 months of full-time work that I would not be able to continue and have since gone to part-time. I have only just discovered your website and have found it very comforting and helpful."
"I have had CFS/FMS and all its nightmares following CMV viral pneumonia which I acquired looking after homeless people in our voluntary Christian drop in centre 10 years ago now. As you say, nobody thinks there is anything wrong as we look OK!!! The pain and frustration along with IBS and all the rest is horrendous. Only my faith in God keeps me going. Thank you for all your encouragements."
"It is a great blessing to receive your newsletters which are so informative, thought-provoking and empowering. I often forward them to my support group and I am deeply grateful to you for all your excellent work and the way your love for all our community comes through."

"Thanks for your wonderful newsletter. It is great to read about other's experiences so that we can learn about different products and actions that may be able to help us as well. It is comforting just knowing that there are other people out there who understand what I am going through. Most people don't. I hope you are able to continue to perform this much needed service for us. I pray for your welfare. I know the newsletter is truly a labor of love on your behalf."

"I'm also a devout Christian.  I was drawn to your FMS story"

"Thank you for your newsletter and sharing your story with me and thousands of others who suffer from the spectrum of these syndromes."

"I especially enjoyed the fibrowheel  Succinct and accurate."

"Thanks for your newsletters.  I can't believe how much information drops into my mail box with each one."

"So glad I found your web page"

"Thank you for all your information and great website.  It helps to give hope to those of us suffering with Fibro."

"If one person figures they can make it through a day because of seeing something you shared, then you have changed the world for that person."

"I always get something great from reading your newsletter and archives"

"Thank you for your newsletter  I always enjoy reading it, and all the useful health tips you provide to others."

"You're a wonderful inspiration.  I was at my lowest a few weeks back and thinking I may as well end it, until I came across your page and saw how you persevered."

"Thank you for all of your work in telling people about your struggle with Fibromyalgia"

"I love your website - you have such important news to offer! Thanks for your great reporting! Really, we need more people like you out there talking about this terrible syndrome."

"Thank you so much for the 100 tips! What a blessing it is that you took the time to put that together for all of us!"

"I visited your site, which is very impressive; and I was very pleased to see your Christian emphasis."

"Thank you for your newsletter  I've been a reader for 10 yrs. How you always know what I need to read I don't know, but you always come through."

"Thank you for all the articles you find and share.  It’s so good to be in the same boat, even if my life jacket is a bit more damaged."
"I just got done reading you 100 tips to coping with fibromyalgia at   It's a frustrating, draining, and painful thing to deal with.  Thank you for taking the time to spread the knowledge you've learned."
"You know how it is when people who are otherwise healthy DO NOT have a CLUE as to what's going on in your body.  Please continue to send me your E newsletter.  It just helps to know someone else is out there who cares."

"Thank you so much for being there continually in this storm of so many peoples lives."
"I am really learning a lot from your website I am a registered nurse and have worked in nursing leadership for years."
"Thanks for your devotion. It is very appreciated! The topics are always what we need."
"Your story is just like mine.  As I was reading what you have to say, I felt as if it were me who had written it myself."
"Just read through most of your website. Very informative."
"Your newsletter is such blessing! I know I say it almost every time I receive a newsletter, but it really is!!"
"You have sent me some awesome info.  I love it. You inspire me to keep looking, studying, and hang on for hope. At the little local FMS monthly meet, I spread you around like honey and all were impressed even the hardheaded ones."
"I came across your brilliant website today and have bookmarked it for later reading."
"You are definitely a light in the world of fibro people and I am truly grateful I found you out there."
"I am just really happy to have found your information regarding fibro!  I have been suffering now for two years.  Most every thing I search for on the internet is not free.  I am grateful that you have shared your experiences and helpful tips"
"This is a wonderful site for people with fibro."
"I stumbled across your site this morning.  Thank you for sharing your story and experiences with those of us who cope daily and hourly with fibro.  I especially LOVE the sleep discussion and info on it."

"I believe that the Lord has placed you in the midst of many, and you have been a strong servant for him. You put out the best FMS newsletter by far than any I've known." 

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